Acme Bread Company, Berkeley, California

11 February 2010


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon S90

The Acme Bread Company has not only been a Berkeley bakery, but has also been a Berkeley institution for the last 30 years. There are now 4 different bakery locations in the greater bay area: 2 in Berkeley, 1 in the San Francisco Ferry Building and 1 in Mountain View. The below pictures were taken at the Berkeley retail bakery located at San Pablo Avenue and Cedar Street. The bakery employes between 160 and 170 people, combined at all the locations. The main Acme Berkeley bakery at 9th Street and Pardee Street, bakes 3 shifts per day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 11 February.

Hmm, are these ready yet? 11 February.

Yes, the baguettes are done! 11 February.

This picture has really nothing to do with Acme Bread Company, except that the house is in fairly close proximity to the bakery (and that aside, I like the house!). Hearst and 10th Street. Berkeley, California. 11 February.

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This page created on 11 February 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV

Acme Bread Company poster by David Lance Goines. 1989