Toot Sweets building mural

Inkworks Press building mural

Virginia Street Bakery building mural

Chez Panisse restaurant

In-N-Out Burger, Pinole, California

... and some other stuff

14, 15 and 16 August 2010

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon S90

This is the west exterior wall of Toot Sweets Bakery located at Santa Fe Avenue and Gilman Street in Berkeley. This mural was painted in 1995. The concept and the excution of this work of art was done by John Wehrle. 16 August.

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This is the Inkworks Press building on 7th Street in Berkeley. Last winter I was speaking with an artist who said she was working, along with other people, on this building mural... when it wasn't raining. I decided to bicycle past the building early on Saturday morning to see what progress had been made. Job Complete! 14 August.

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It appears there's a renaissance in outdoor building art within the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is the south wall of the Virginia Street Bakery on Shattuck Avenue and Virginia Street in Berkeley. This mural was completed in June 2010. Note glorious Mount Tamalpais in the background of the mural. Uh, yes, I will try to get a photo without a car in the image! 15 August.

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The artists and sponsors of this work of art

Alice Waters' world famous Chez Panisse Restaurant, Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. Well, in Berkeley we like to think it is world famous! 15 August.

1800 Virginia Street, Berkeley. At one time this was a local grocery store, with the owner's living quarters above the store. Now it is two apartments. 15 August.

Ok, I know I am going to get hassled about my next statement... but here goes: I don't consume red meat, and I love In-N-Out Burger! You think that statement is an oxymoron? I respect your opinion, but I believe you are mistaken.

In-N-Out Burger, Pinole, California. 14 August.

1616 Virginia Street, Berkley, California. 15 August.

These sure look like Kiwifruit. Magic Gardens, Berkeley, California. 14 August.

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