A Summer Day in Berkeley, California

15 November 2010

We have summer weather in the bay area... finally!

During June, July and August it was cold, cloudy and foggy almost ever day.

Here it is, the middle of November, and summer-like weather makes an appearance in the bay area. Today we had a high of 76 degrees in Berkeley and it was a bright sunny day.


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

"I'm not responsible for my photographs. Photography is not documentary, but intuition, a poetic experience. It's drowning yourself, dissolving yourself, and then sniff, sniff, sniff – being sensitive to coincidence. You can't go looking for it; you can't want it, or you won't get it. First you must lose your self. Then it happens." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Camera: Panasonic LX5

Low tide along the Bay Trail. Mount Tamalpais, in the background, reigns supreme.

The Cordonices Creek restoration project is making excellent progress. I was informed that the work should be finished by the end of December.

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