Pictures from Berkeley, California

1 and 3 August 2010


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon S90

A new apartment complex is in the final stage of construction. The location is at 4th Street and University Avenue... right next to the Berkeley train station and the Southern Pacific railroad tracks. I hope those apartments are significantly insulated from noise. When the trains rumble through town and the engineer blows the train whistle... well, let's just say the sound of the whistle really gets your attention!

This is a mural being painted on the north side of the apartment complex; the painting is almost complete. I am taking this picture while standing under the freeway overpass on University Avenue. Thousands of cars traverse the overpass every day. No one traveling on the overpass can see this mural. 1 August.

Yes, that is a mural painted on a concrete wall which separates the passenger waiting area from the train tracks. 1 August.

A beautiful Stargazer Lily. Thanks to Lynne for identifying the plant. 3 August.

Ok, here are two more prerequisite sunflower/bee pictures. But there is a difference from my previously posted sunflower pictures. These are pictures of a Taiyo sunflower in bloom. 1 August.

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This page created on 3 August 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV