Bits and Pieces

Here are a few pictures that I have not posted... until now!


February, 2010

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon S90 or Canon D10

Clouds at Point Isabel

Emeryville Town Hall. Built 1903

House near The Arlington

Marin Circle fountain, Berkeley

Allston Way, Berkeley

Amtrak train, near Gilman Street, heading north through Berkeley

Jorge at Monterey Market, Berkeley

Red Oak Victory bridge. Kaiser Shipyard #3, Richmond

Red Oak Victory Engine Room. Kaiser Shipyard #3, Richmond

Kiss your ass goodbye. Red Oak Victory. Kaiser Shipyard #3, Richmond

Larry at Campus Drive, Berkeley

Cybele at Norwood Avenue, Kensington

This water tower, over 100 years old, is now a "dollhouse" condominium. Delaware Street Historical District, Berkeley

Berkeley Bowl West sushi market

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This page created on 20 February 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV