A Rainy Morning in West Berkeley

26 January 2010


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon D10

Looking east at the city of Berkeley. Population is approximately 100,000 + about 30,000 University of California students who either live in Berkeley or commute from surrounding communities. Can you identify the Campanile / Sather Tower and also identify the Claremont Hotel? Picture taken from the pedestrian / bicycle bridge; 9 separate images were combined to make this panoramic photo.

A juvenile Great Egret at Aquatic Park. In the background is Interstate 80, with cars and trucks whizzing by at 50-70 miles per hour. The Great Egret could care less.

The recently constructed pedestrian / bicycle bridge over Interstate 80. Looking west.

One of two 30 foot tall fiberglass sculptures created by Scott Donahue to symbolize the city of Berkeley. The sculptures were installed on the pedestrian / bicycle bridge in 2008.

Interstate 80 looking south towards Emeryville and Oakland. Taken from the pedestrian / bicycle bridge.

Berkeley Southern Pacific train station. Built in 1913, it is now used as a restaurant and bar. The train still stops at this location but passengers must wait outside.

Old location of the Triangle Paint Company, founded in Berkeley in 1914. Located west of the Southern Pacific tracks and north of Bancroft Street.

Picante is, without a doubt, the best Mexican restaurant in Berkeley. 6th Street, just south of Gilman Street.

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This page created on 26 January 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV