Berkeley Farmers' Market

We have a lot of farmers' markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. In Berkeley there are three that I know of; there may be more. The farmers' market depicted in these pictures is located in downtown Berkeley, and the market comes alive every Saturday, rain or shine, starting at 10 a.m.


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

27 February 2010

Camera: Canon S90

These organic veggies are grown by the folks at Riverdog Farm located in Guinda, California.

More veggies grown by the folks at Riverdog Farm.

Yup, these are also grown by the folks at Riverdog Farm.

Some breads from OctoberFeast Bakery "Genuine Barvarian Breads." I remember when I first met Dieter, the owner of the bakery, a few years ago; he was wearing ledehosen and I knew immediately that he was the real deal! Many of the breads are made with pretzel dough, and they are delicious.

Baverian style croissants made with pretzel dough... yummy.

Berkeley Farmers' Market.

Berkeley Farmers' Market looking east from Center Street.

Berkeley Farmers' Market looking west from Center Street.

This picture was taken from the Bay Trail in Albany on 24 February.

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