Middle Creek, Albany Hill and Egrets... in-between the rain drops

Ah yes, the rain continues, with some sunlight breaking through now and again.


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

28 February, and 2, 3 March 2010

Camera: Canon S90 or Canon D10

The west side of Albany Hill, with the Buchanan Street Interstate 80 overpass visible on the right side of the image. Picture taken from near the mouth of Cordonices Creek at high tide. 28 February. Scroll===>

A succulent in the midst of a rain shower. 9th Street, Berkeley. 2 March.

As I am bicycling to the BofA, I spot a view of a creek on the east side of Neilson Street, north of Solano Avenue and south of San Lorenzo Avenue. Hmm, what's the name of this creek? I wasn't sure, and I took this photo of the unknown creek from the sidewalk. 3 March.

I later determined that this is a view of the mostly culverted Middle Creek. Here is what the Mount Diablo Valley Audubon Society has to say about this creek:

"This creek, now almost entirely replaced by storm drains, once flowed from near the intersection of Colusa Avenue and Capistrano Avenue in Berkeley west-northwest through Albany to join Cerrito Creek just west of San Pablo Avenue. Blackberry Creek probably was a branch of Middle Creek."

After I took the above picture I walked across Neilson Street to see if I could see Middle Creek on the west side of Neilson Street, as it wended its way to the bay. Nope, not a chance! There was a high wooden fence blocking the view. So I put my bicycle against the fence and stood on the bottom bracket shell of the bicycle. I still could not see over the fence, but I raised my arms and took this picture from over the fence. It is difficult to see exactly what has happened to Middle Creek. I believe it is likely that Middle Creek has been enclosed in a culvert, and some funky sheds have been constructed over the culvert. 3 March.

High tide along the Albany shoreline. Brooks Island is visible in the distance. 28 February.

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This page created on 3 March 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV