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Photographs by Neil Mishalov

4-5-12-15-16-19 March 2010

Camera: Canon S90

A panoramic photo taken from the Interstate 80 pedestrian/bicycle overpass on 4 March. I removed all colors from the image. ===> SCROLL

This is a picture of Village Creek as it meanders between University Village housing, and Ocean View Elementry School. Daylighted in 1998. 4 March 2010

"Village Creek, Albany. In 1998, approximately 900 lineal feet of creek was daylighted (removed from an underground pipe and brought above ground) and planted with native willow, cottonwood, dogwood, and ninebark cuttings as well as alders, big leaf maple, and other native trees and shrubs from container stock. Labor was provided by the East Bay Conservation Corps, under the supervision of UCC."

University Village Map

House on the north side of Blake Street, just below Grant Street. 5 March 2010

On Norwood Court, Kensington. 12 March 2010. Camera: Canon D10

Panorama of San Francisco Bay. Taken from Fleming Point, Albany. 14 March 2010. ===> SCROLL

Poppies along the Bay Trail in Richmond, near Costco. 15 March 2010

Outdoor wall art. Addison Street at San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley. 16 March 2010

New life. Camelia Street, Berkeley. 19 March 2010

Spring time on Curtis Street, Albany. 19 March 2010

Curtis Street, Albany. 19 March 2010

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This page created on 19 March 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV