California Ink Company Factory Site

Berkeley, California

4 February 2010


Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon S90

This panoramic photo is of one of the remaining structures on the site of the former California Ink Company. The California Ink Company started business in 1891. The company's main factory was located in Berkeley; the Berkeley factory ceased operation in 1999. In September 2009, Orton Development purchased the land and the remaining old factory buildings, and plans to transform the former factory site into a venue for light manufacturing and start-up businesses. Orton appears to have a good track record; it recently completed its renovation of the Ford Assembly Plant in Richmond, California. This picture was taken at Camelia Street, near 2nd Street. 4 February.

Union Pacific locomotive 5385, pulling empty flatbed cars, heading north through Berkeley. 4 February.

Rumbling past Camelia Street in Berkeley. 4 February.

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This page created on 4 February 2010. All photographs copyright 2010 by NEIL MISHALOV