A reunion of three former U.S. Army soldiers who were stationed in Korea during 1968-1969

The three soldiers, Captain James R. Hargrove, Specialist 5th Class Robert S. Lawrence and Specialist 5th Class Neil Mishalov, were assigned to the 7th Ordnance Company (Special Ammo) of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion; which was part of the 8th United States Army

The reunion took place in San Francisco, California, on 6 July 2004. Bob Lawrence flew in from New Jersey, Jim Hargrove drove down from Sacramento, California, and I, Neil Mishalov, came across San Francisco Bay, from Berkeley, California. This was the first time that the three of us were all together again after more than 35 years, and it was a wonderful occasion.

Bob and I stayed in touch for a few years after we were discharged from the Army in April of 1969, but then we drifted apart after I relocated from New York to California in 1974. Jim was also discharged from the Army in April of 1969, but there was no contact between Jim and Bob or me after our discharge from the service. This was not to be unexpected. Jim was an Army officer and Bob and I were military draftees. There is no fraternization between officers and enlisted men.

I put this web site on the Internet during November, 1996. On one of the web pages, I wrote that I was stationed in Korea during 1968-69, and was assigned to the 7th Ordnance Company (SA), which was part of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. In September, 1999, I received an e-mail message from Garret Falcone, who was assigned to the 260th Military Police Company, which was also part of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. Garret and I were stationed in the same military base at the same time, although we had never met. I mentioned to Garret by e-mail that I had misplaced my "yearbook" of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. Garret still had his book, and he kindly made a copy of the book and sent the copy to me. It was great to see the pictures of all my old Army comrades, and seeing the pictures was the impetus for me to attempt to reconnect with some of my Army comrades from long ago.

I remembered Captain Hargrove as a fair and just Army officer, and I wanted to reach out and say "hello" to him. Thanks to the yearbook, I was able to identify him as James R. Hargrove, rather than as I remembered him as, Captain Hargrove. I did an Internet search for James R. Hargrove and located someone who could possibly be Captain Hargrove. I sent him an e-mail message and inquired if at one time he was in the Army and stationed in Korea. He replied back that, yes, he was a former Army officer who was assigned to the 7th Ordnance Company (SA) in Korea during 1968-1969, and he remembered me. We traded a number of e-mail messages and agreed to meet in Sacramento, California, and then drive into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and explore the famous MALAKOFF DIGGINS, a hydraulic gold excavation site from the 1850's - 1880's. We had a great time together, and it was enjoyable to reminisce about our time together in Korea and in the 7th Ordnance Company (Special Ammo). We subsequently got together two additional times prior to this reunion.

I also remembered that Bob Lawrence lived in Brooklyn, New York, 35 years ago. I did an Internet search for Robert S. Lawrence, but I didn't find anything that I could use. I then did an Internet telephone search, and came up with a couple of possible telephone numbers. I called a few of the numbers and one of the numbers I called had an answering machine that responded with a voice that could be Bob's voice. I left a message and in about 4 hours I received a phone call from Bob. It was great to reconnect with Bob, and we discussed many different and varied subjects. Bob has family members living in the San Francisco Bay area, and when he next came to California, which was during the summer of 2000, with Muriel, his wife, we got together in Berkeley.

Below are the photos from our reunion. But first, may I suggest that you review the pictures of Jim Hargrove, Bob Lawrence and Neil Mishalov when we were stationed in Korea more than 35 years ago.

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Captain Hargrove, SP/5 Lawrence and SP/5 Mishalov in 1968-1969

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AND NOW.....

Jim Hargrove, Bob Lawrence and Neil Mishalov on 6 July 2004

All 2004 Photos by Jim Hargrove, Bob Lawrence and Neil Mishalov

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IMG_3132.JPG IMG_3129.JPG IMG_3130.JPG
Bob Lawrence, Ewing, New Jersey, Jim Hargrove, Sacramento, California, and Neil Mishalov, Berkeley, California. After more than 35 years after leaving the 7th Ordnance Company (special ammo), in Korea in 1969, the three of us are together again Larkspur, California. We are at the Larkspur ferry terminal, where we will board a high speed catamaran ferry to San Francisco Jim and Bob paying for their round trip tickets to San Francisco and back to Larkspur
IMG_3131.JPG IMG_3133.JPG IMG_3135.JPG
Jim and Bob at a public service announcement which is advocating that men and woman do a self-examination for colon polyps. The sign suggests that the self-examination be done at least once every 60 days Boarding the Mendocino, a high speed catamaran, for the 40 minute trip to San Francisco Captain Hargrove and SP/5 Lawrence discussing a missing Morning Report for 12 April 1968
IMG_3136.JPG IMG_3137.JPG lawrence05.tif
The ferry cruises past San Quentin California State Prison. San Quentin is the only California State prison where the death penalty is carried out The San Quentin "yard." This is the outdoor location where inmates are allowed to exercise Another view of the San Quentin yard
IMG_3138.JPG IMG_3139.JPG IMG_3140.JPG
Okay, enough about morning reports, colon polyps and San Quentin prison. Bob and Jim are enjoying the trip to San Francisco on the aft deck of the catamaran A fog shrouded view of Angel Island. More about Angel Island later Alcatraz Island. At one time this island was home to a U.S. Army stockade, and later, a Federal Government prison. Now it is a tourist attraction and part of the National Park Service
hargrove07.jpg lawrence10.tif IMG_3142.JPG
San Francisco comes into view. We are looking at the downtown section of The City The San Francisco ferry terminal as seen from a window on the ferry We arrive at the ferry terminal in San Francisco, and are about to smartly march up The Embarcadero to the Fisherman's Wharf area. Forward...march!
IMG_3144.JPG lawrence09.tif IMG_3146.JPG
After a brisk march we arrive at Fisherman's Wharf. In the background, between Jim and Bob, you can see the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, a WWII era Liberty ship built in 1943 The SS Jeremiah O'Brien. Built in 1943, this Liberty Ship has been restored and it steamed to the coast of Normandy, France in 1994. Go HERE to see additional pictures of the SS Jeremiah O'Brien Jim and Bob seem to be very excited about the pictures they are taking. Hmm, what can they be photographing?
IMG_3145.JPG lawrence11.tif hargrove01.jpg
Ah yes, some things never change! They were taking pictures of a sign of some, uh, well endowed, women who work at the local Hooters. No, we did not go to Hooters...really Jim, Bob and Neil had an excellent time together Bob at one of the many outdoor eateries on Fisherman's Wharf
hargrove02.jpg IMG_3147.JPG hargrove03.jpg
Neil is, once again, waiting in a chow line. Just like the old Army days! After our tour of Fisherman's Wharf, we decided to take a San Francisco cable car ride for a delightful trip across San Francisco to Union Square. Jim and Bob are ready to board the cable car Bob and Neil. This reminded us of taking a jeep ride up to 8th Army HQ in Yongsan, Seoul, Korea
lawrence03.tif IMG_3150.JPG IMG_3152.JPG
Jim and Bob are having a good time together We are on the cable car and moving up the hill The cable car is propelled forward by a constantly moving cable, which is located beneath a slot in the road bed
lawrence07.tif IMG_3149.JPG IMG_3148.JPG
The Transamerica Building. Construction was completed in 1972, and at 853 feet high (260 meters), it is the tallest building in San Francisco The cable car grip-man. He is the operator of the cable car. He is called the grip-man because he controls the grip which connects to the cable which provides movement for the cable car The grip-man's controls. He is able to tighten or loosen the cars attachment to the constantly moving cable, thus enabling the car to move forward, slow down, or come to a complete stop
IMG_3151.JPG IMG_3155.JPG IMG_3154.JPG
The cable car conductor. The fare is $3 one way. We are on cable car #28, which was built in San Francisco in 2002 Heading towards Union Square Jim and Bob are enjoying the sights. Note the 83rd Ordnance Battalion crest on Jim's shirt collar. Jim located 3 of the crests and gave one each to Bob and Neil to wear and as a momento of our reunion, and our time in Korea during 1968-1969
hargrove04.jpg lawrence02.tif IMG_3157.JPG
You can see the 83rd Ordnance Crest on both Bob and Neil's hats We arrive at Union Square and exit the cable car. We are now at the Admiral Dewey Monument. It was constructed in 1903 and it commemorates the victory of the American fleet over Spanish forces at Manila Bay, the Philippines, on 1 May 1898 Jim and Bob in front of the plinth of the Admiral Dewey monument
IMG_3156.JPG lawrence01.tif IMG_3159.JPG
The top of the Admiral Dewey monument is a bronze Victory bearing a trident and wreath above a granite column A building in Union Square We three old troopers had a great time together, and we plan on having an annual reunion. If you are a former member of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion, the 7th Ordnance Company (SA), or the 260th MP Company, contact neil@mishalov.com for additional info
lawrence13.tif IMG_3158.JPG IMG_3160.JPG
Jim and Neil on Market Street, San Francisco The San Francisco Ferry Building is located at the foot of Market Street; was constructed in 1898, and is 245 feet tall (75 meters) We are heading back to Larkspur. The magical Golden Gate Bridge is in the distance. Construction of the bridge started on 5 January 1933 and was open to vehicular traffic on 28 May 1937, ahead of schedule and under budget
IMG_3161.JPG IMG_3165.JPG IMG_3166.JPG
Alcatraz Island, with the summer fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean Angel Island. This is the site of the decommissioned U.S. Army Fort McDowell. A 900 man barracks is in the center of the picture. Fort McDowell was a major embarkation port for soldiers going to the Pacific theater from 1896 through 1945 This is the site of the Angel Island immigration station. From 1910-1940 immigrants from the Pacific, mainly Chinese and Japanese, were detained and interrogated at this facility. During WWII, the facility was a German and Japanese prisoner of war camp
IMG_3167.JPG IMG_3168.JPG IMG_3169.JPG
A high speed catamaran heading past Angel Island towards San Francisco San Francisco is in the background and Angel Island is in the foreground The Golden Gate Bridge, covered in fog, is between Angel Island on the left, and the Marin Headlands and the Tiburon Peninsula on the right
IMG_3170.JPG IMG_3171.JPG IMG_3172.JPG
The summer afternoon fog is rolling over the Marin Headlands and heading towards Sausalito and Tiburon Looking east, we see an empty oil tanker which has unloaded its cargo of crude oil from the Alaska oil fields at the Chevron oil refinery. It is now being escorted out of San Francisco Bay by tug boats Beautiful Mount Tamalpais (elv. 2,571 feet) is behind the eastern portion of the Tiburon Peninsula
IMG_3173.JPG IMG_3174.JPG IMG_3176.JPG
After the ferry ride, we drove to Whole Foods in San Rafael, and had a little snack. Yes, of course, it was 100% organic! We crossed the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, (seen in the background) the construction of which was completed in 1956, and spent some time on the Contra Costa County shoreline Mount Tamalpais rises majestically in the background while a high speed ferry heads towards Vallejo from San Francisco. Go HERE-1 and HERE-2 and HERE-3 to see additional pictures of Mount Tamalpais
IMG_3175.JPG hargrove05.jpg hargrove06.jpg
East Bother Island Light Station was constructed in 1874. It was automated in 1969 and is still operational. There is also a Bed and Breakfast located on the Island The San Francisco-Vallejo ferry speeds past East Brother Island Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor. This is an isolated and funky marina. To call it a "yacht harbor" is being wildly optimistic
IMG_3177.JPG IMG_3178.JPG IMG_3179.JPG
At the marina Jim is enjoying himself at the marina Jim and Bob at the marina, and at the conclusion of a great 7th Ordnance Company (special ammo) reunion!

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