Road Scenes around Anyang and the Yellow Sea:1968

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

This newly located group of black and white photographs were found in their original state as 35mm black and white negatives during January, 2004.

I hope that this posting will help people have a better understanding and visualization of Korea in the late 1960's. After revisiting Korea in September, 2003, I found that almost all of the man-made structures depicted in these photographs have disappeared. The only constant between most of these photographs and the current 2004 landscape, are the magnificent and rugged mountains that populate many of the picture.

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bw-korea-05.jpg bw-korea-45.jpg Fishing on a quiet afternoon-1968.jpg
road.tiff road13.tif road2.tif
road3.tif road5.tif roadview.tif
truck.tif Untitled-210.tif Untitled-211.tif
Untitled-221.tif Untitled-231.tif Untitled-232.tif
Untitled-235.tif Untitled-236.tif Untitled-238.tif
Untitled-269.tif Untitled-296.tif

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All photographs copyright 2004, by Neil Mishalov