San Francisco Bay to Breakers:18 May 2003

Photos by Neil Mishalov

The 92nd running of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers foot race.
Over 70,000 people turned out for this year's 7.46 mile event (12 Kilometers).
The sky was clear and the weather was in the mid 70's. It was a beautiful day for a San Francisco "happening."

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bay-breakers03001.jpg bay-breakers03002.jpg bay-breakers03003.jpg
San Francisco motorcycle police prior to the start of the race 8:00 a.m. The race has started The frontrunners
bay-breakers03005.jpg bay-breakers03006.jpg bay-breakers03007.jpg
The first women Here come the masses Howard Street
bay-breakers03010.jpg bay-breakers03011.jpg bay-breakers03013.jpg
Howard Street The Hayes Street Hill Up, up up!
bay-breakers03014.jpg bay-breakers03015.jpg bay-breakers03016.jpg
Still climbing Residents of Hayes Street cheering on the runners Yeow, this is one long climb
bay-breakers03017.jpg bay-breakers03019.jpg bay-breakers03020.jpg
Whew, this is a long hill Still more climbing Finally, the top
bay-breakers03021.jpg bay-breakers03022.jpg bay-breakers03023.jpg
A sweet little downhill Divisadero Street Divisadero Street
bay-breakers03025.jpg bay-breakers03026.jpg bay-breakers03029.jpg
Fell Street Some charming San Francisco Victorian homes Fell Street
bay-breakers03030.jpg bay-breakers03031.jpg bay-breakers03032.jpg
Fell Street Moving down the street Residents offering their good wishes
bay-breakers03034.jpg bay-breakers03035.jpg bay-breakers03036.jpg
It is getting warm Fell Street
bay-breakers03038.jpg bay-breakers03039.jpg bay-breakers03041.jpg
John F. Kennedy Drive; entering Golden Gate Park Water stop in Golden Gate Park Mmmn, water is good for you
bay-breakers03040.jpg bay-breakers03042.jpg bay-breakers03043.jpg
A lot of thirsty runners A San Francisco mounted patrolman and his steed saying hello to a future Bay to Breakers runner The beautiful late 19th Century Conservatory of Flowers building
bay-breakers03044.jpg bay-breakers03045.jpg bay-breakers03046.jpg
Conservatory of Flowers building Some Rock n Roll music to keep the runners moving Rock on!
bay-breakers03047.jpg bay-breakers03048.jpg bay-breakers03050.jpg
I love her hair Some more music About six miles into the race
bay-breakers03051.jpg bay-breakers03052.jpg bay-breakers03053.jpg
A great time was had by all the runners Feeling good Another great San Francisco happening
bay-breakers03054.jpg bay-breakers03055.jpg bay-breakers03056.jpg
Smile for the photographers Getting close to the finish Only about .50 miles to go. You can smell the sea breeze
bay-breakers03057.jpg bay-breakers03058.jpg bay-breakers03059.jpg
The beautiful Pacific Ocean ... finally! The finish line is straight ahead A final sprint to the conclusion of the 92nd running of the San Francisco Bay to Breakers

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