Castle Rock State Park: 7 November 2004

Latitude: North 37° 45.053’

Longitude: West 122° 12.458’

Photos by Neil Mishalov

Along the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Castle Rock State Park encompasses more than 3,600 acres of coast redwood, Douglas-fir, and Madrone forest, most of which has been left in its wild, natural state. Steep canyons are sprinkled with unusual rock formations that are popular with rock climbers. The forest here is lush and mossy, crisscrossed by 32 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails. These trails are part of an even more extensive trail system that links the Santa Clara and San Lorenzo valleys with Castle Rock State Park, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and the Pacific Coast.

Castle Rock State Park is approximately 64 miles southwest from my home in Berkeley, California. This hike was led by Chris Kimball under the auspices of the Stanford University Outing Club.

Some hike factoids and statistics: Time on the trail: 10:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Number of hikers: 27. Distance covered: 8.94 miles. Total ascent: 1,650 feet. Maximum elevation: 2,140 feet. Route: Sempervirens Point => Skyline to the Sea Trail => Cutoff Trail => Saratoga Toll Road Trail => Travertine Springs Trail => Saratoga Gap Trail => Saratoga Gap => Skyline to the Sea Trail => Sempervirens Point



All Images and Text Copyright © by Neil Mishalov


Topographic Route Map and Elevation Profile:

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IMG_3596.JPG IMG_3598.JPG IMG_3600.JPG
The Stanford Outing group on the Saratoga Toll Road Trail Chris, the fearless leader of this hike Hmm, what is everyone looking at?
IMG_3599.JPG IMG_3601.JPG IMG_3602.JPG
Ah yes, a lovely view from the Travertine Springs Trail Hideyuki, a visiting engineer from Japan The lunch stop
IMG_3604.JPG IMG_3606.JPG IMG_3607.JPG
Lunch at the intersection of the Travertine Springs Trail and the Saratoga Gap Trail Vivian Colleen
IMG_3608.JPG IMG_3610.JPG IMG_3612.JPG
Hideyuki Sophia and Lucie On the Saratoga Gap Trail
IMG_3614.JPG IMG_3611.JPG IMG_3617.JPG
View from the Saratoga Gap Trail View from the Saratoga Gap Trail
IMG_3618.JPG IMG_3619.JPG IMG_3620.JPG
A lovely selection of Toxicodendron diversilobum (AKA Poison Oak) Whoops! A VW crash site beneath Highway 9
IMG_3622.JPG IMG_3621.JPG
Pierre and Valerie Neil and Lucie

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