Death Valley California, and Rhyolite Nevada

A Wildflower Extravaganza

3-5 April 2005

All Images and Text Copyright © 2005 by Neil Mishalov


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A view of Rhyolite, located about one mile east of the cemetery. The large mountain on the left is Bonanza Mountain The Bullfrog Jail. Bullfrog was within half a mile of Rhyolite. Bullfrog was in existence for about 10 months, before it shut down. Bonanza Mountain can be seen in the distance Neil behind bars in the Bullfrog jail The remains of the Ice House in Bullfrog
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The Bottle House in Rhyolite. This a rear view of the structure Looking north from Colorado Street. This was the location of the red-light district. The building on the left is the school house. The two buildings in the center are the Porter Bros. mercantile store and the Overbury Building, On the right is the Cook Bank Building The cellar of an unknown structure. Looking north. On 15 September 1919 the Rhyolite Post Office closed The front of the H.D. and L.D. Porter Building. Built in 1906, it had two plate glass windows. On 14 May 1910 the store closed. On 8 April 1911, the newspaper, Rhyolite Herald, ceased publication. On 30 April 1910 the street lights of Rhyolite were turned off.
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The H.D and L.D Porter Building from the basement area. Across the street are the remains of the Overbury Building The Overbury Building. It opened for business in June of 1908 "Then and Now" Here is a picture of the John S. Cook Bank building taken in late 1909. Next door is the Gorrill Building. The building is located at the corner of Golden Street and Broadway. The Cook building fronts on Golden Street "Then and Now" The John S. Cook Bank Building. It opened for business in early 1908. The bank closed in the spring of 1910; on 31 December 1910, the fixtures and the vault doors, which cost $12,000 were sold for $2,000.
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The John S. Cook Bank Building from the inside looking south The John S. Cook Bank Building. The vault is entered from the door in the basement The John S. Cook Bank Building from the east with the stone remains of the Gorrill Building just east of the Cook Bank Building Neil reviewing "Rhyolite, The Boom Years," by Alan H. Patera. This book was my main source of information about Rhyolite. In the background is Bonanza Mountain
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A sandstorm blowing in the Amargosa Desert. The Public School Building is on the right and the Overbury Building on the left. Looking west The remains of the Public School Building. By the time the construction of this building was finished in January, 1909, Rhyolite was going bust, and no student ever graduated. The $20,000 bond floated to construct the school was paid off in 1978 Looking east from the Public School Building. The remains of the Cook Bank Building and the Overbury Building are seen through the windows Looking south towards the red-light district. Ladd Mountain is behind the jail. The yellow arrow locates the Rhyolite Jail
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The Rhyolite jail. This roofless area was the office location. The steel door leads to the jail cell. The jail cells are behind the three barred windows An unknown rock building near the jail house The Rhyolite Las Vegas & Tonopah Railroad passenger depot. Completed in June, 1908. The structure is behind fencing to prevent vandalism
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The Amargosa Desert in the valley below, with the Grapevine Mountains in the background and the John S. Cook Bank Building standing a lonely vigil Goodbye to Rhyolite We are returning to Death Valley via Hwy 374, and we see another sand storm whirling in the valley below

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