World Champion San Francisco Giants' Victory Parade!

3 November 2010

720p High Definition Video by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Panasonic HDC-SD60


A special "Shout-Out" to Ashkon for the GREAT lyrics and vocals!

I remember the New York Giants playing at the Polo Grounds, located in Harlem, the Borough of Manhattan, New York City, in the late 1950's. I was 13-15 years old at that time and I was living in Seaford, New York. It was shocking news in 1957 when the Giants announced that they were moving to San Francisco. To amplify the distress I felt about the Giants' move, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved from Ebbets Field located in Flatbush, the Borough of Brooklyn, New York City, to Los Angeles in 1958. Two defections of the highest magnitude!

I stopped having any interest in baseball after those two traumatic occurences, until the late 1990's when my friend Roger suggested that I join him at some Oakland Athletics baseball games. It turned out that Roger, who was born and raised in California, was a very knowledgeable and dedicated baseball fan. Over the last 10 or so years we have attended a number of games at both the Oakland Coliseum and AT&T Park in San Francisco. When the Oakland A's were in a play-off with the Detroit Tigers in 2006, we went to a play-off game at the Oakland Coliseum.

When the Giants reached the playoffs with the San Diego Padres a month or so ago, we tried to order tickets to a play-off game. No success, the Giants were sold out. Truth be told, we took a gamble and took BART to San Francisco on the day of a play-off game, with the hope of buying tickets at AT&T Park. Ha, fat chance! We batted zero, and were not able to gain access to the game.

The evening the Giants beat the Texas Rangers to win the World Series in their fifth and last game was a memorable event... but it occurred in Texas, not in California! Later that night I heard that the the Mayor of San Francisco had announced that there would be a Giants victory celebration in San Francisco. I knew immediately that I was going to the victory parade. The next morning I called Roger and we agreed to meet at the North Berkeley BART station at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, 3 November, the day of the parade. Our plan was to take BART to the Montgomery Street station and walk up Market Street to San Francisco City Hall, the main route and final destination of the parade.

When I arrived at the North Berkeley BART station I knew this was going to be big... very, very big! A great number of people wearing either orange shirts, orange hats, fake beards, orange skirts, or orange blouses, (Yes, I was wearing an orange shirt) were heading like lemmings to the BART station in order to attend the celebration. The train made six stops along the way to San Francisco, and at each stop, more and more "orange people" were squeezing onto the train. The train was absolutely packed when it arrived in San Francisco.

As we slowly made our way out of the Montgomery Street and Market Street train station an awesome sight was revealed: Thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of joyful people had filled the streets, the sidewalks, trees branches and light poles; the spectators were in a celebratory mood. After about 20 minutes of trying to move through an impenetrable crowd of people I took out my video camera, put on my photographer persona, got onto the parade route, and started to shoot video as I made my way up Market Street. I finally found a great location on Market Street, just above Kearney Street, and I decided to stop moving and stay in that one location to wait for the parade to pass by. Delirious sounds of jubilation echoed through the air as the parade wended its way pass.

It was a great celebration, and I don't believe I will ever forget the event. I shot about 60 minutes of 1080p High Definition video at the celebration. I edited the video and this is a 10 minute 720p High Definition video compilation of that special phenomenon. I hope you enjoy it.

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