Yokohama, Japan: November 1968

Photos by Neil Mishalov

These pictures were taken in Japan during November, 1968. I took a 1 week leave from my Korean duty station, and flew on a U.S. Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo plane to Japan. The plane landed at an airbase near Fukuoka City, on Kyushu Island, the southernmost island of Japan. I took an overnight train ride to Tokyo, and made Tokyo the hub of my explorations.

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japannov68-26.jpg japannov68-27.jpg japannov68-6.jpg
Yokohama Harbor On the Dock Cleaning and repairing the tackle
japannov68-23.jpg japannov68-25.jpg japannov68-9.jpg
View from marshland Inexpensive dock workers housing Going home
japannov68-11.jpg japannov68-32.jpg japannov68-16.jpg
Office workers Two office women A clean bike is next to a clean mind!
japannov68-36.jpg japannov68-33.jpg japannov68-35.jpg
Gas station Gas station Yokohama street scene
japannov68-34.jpg japannov68-30.jpg japannov68-8.jpg
Oops, a truck noses into a 1955 VW A rainy day in Yokohama Street scene
japannov68-21.jpg japannov68-31.jpg japannov68-7.jpg
Street scene Street scene Street scene
japannov68-29.jpg japannov68-10.jpg japannov68-28.jpg
Yokohama at night Another night scene Entrance to U.S. Naval Hospital
japannov68-24.jpg japannov68-22.jpg japannov68-20.jpg
Foreigner's cemetery Downtown Yokohama from the Foreigner's cemetery 2 girls dancing across the street
japannov68-18.jpg japannov68-19.jpg japannov68-5.jpg
2 girls skipping down the sidewalk Peaceful interlude in a park Grandmother, daughter and grandchild
japannov68-4.jpg japannov68-3.jpg japannov68-2.jpg
Students on the way to school Walking down the street Moss covered wall
japannov68-17.jpg japannov68-15.jpg japannov68-14.jpg
Oh, those are big steps Viewing flower arrangements Street shop
japannov68-12.jpg japannov68-1.jpg japannov68-13.jpg
Looking at realistic representations of the food inside the restaurant Tending his land Street scene

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