Tokyo, Japan: 25-26 September 2003

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

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24 September: A foggy morning at San Francisco International Airport. This Boeing 747 would take me to Narita Airport, Japan Almost every seat in the plane was occupied 25 September: Narita International Airport, 2:30 P.M. The plane lands after an 11.5 hour flight
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Customs inspection. It took 1.5 hours to clear customs I took a train on the Keisei Line to Tokyo. It was approximately a 1.5 hour train ride from the airport. This gentleman advised me to exit the train at Uneo Station 26 September: After a good night sleep, I was up and about. I stayed at the Ryokan Shigetsu, Asakusa, Tokyo while in Japan.
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A shrine at Senso-ji Temple. Located within a few minutes walk from where I stayed in Asakusa The main temple of Senso-ji Cleaning the store front in Asakusa
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The Ginza Line subway. Heading to the Ginza district at 7:15 A.M. The location of the soon to be open Apple Computer store on the Ginza. What kind of a computer do you think I use? The Ginza district
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A Starbucks Coffee shop in the Ginza district Three lovely Starbucks employees Picking up the refuse.
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The Ginza district There are many Japanese cars that are not imported to the United States. This is one of them The Ginza district
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Going to work Paying the fare The Ginza district
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The Ginza district A grade school in the Ginza district A vending machine
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The Ginza district 8:45 A.M., hurrying to work The Ginza district
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The Ginza district Exiting a subway station A Porsche dealership
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The old and the new The Ginza district Glass skyscraper
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The Ginza district The Ginza district The Ginza district
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New construction. The old building was demolished, and a new structure is going up Notice the shock absorbing steel members. In case of a severe earthquake, this type of construction will, hopefully, save the building The Kabuki-Za. A theater to see this Japanese tradition performing art. The Ginza district
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Buying a bento lunch before the Kabuki-Za performance The Ginza district The Ginza district
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Back in the Asakusa district. The Sumida River Asakusa district. The headquarter building of Asahi Beer brewery Asakusa district
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Subway station, Asakusa district Shopping area, Asakusa district Making sweet pasteries, Asakusa district
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Courtyard of the Senso-ji temple, Asakusa district Mother, daughter-in-law, and son visiting the Senso-ji temple The Nakamise-dori, a shopping street set within the the actual temple precinct
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A quick refreshment, Nakamise-dori The Nakamise-dori Sweet rice cakes, the Nakamise-dori
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The main temple of the Senso-ji temple area The Senso-ji temple area A pastery making machine, Nakamise-dori
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Asakusa district. A dog gets the royal treatment Bicycle riding in the Asakusa district. I saw many, many bicycle riders Ms. Nozomi Shinozuka was working at the front desk of the Ryokan Shigetsu

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