Japan: March, 1969

Photos by Neil Mishalov

These pictures were taken in Japan during March, 1969. I took a 1 week leave from my Korean duty station, and flew from Korea to Japan on an Air America DC-3 propeller plane. The plane landed at Tachikawa Air Force Base, which is located approximately 40 miles northeast of Tokyo.

This page consists of 3 different and unrelated groupings.

1. The Tokyo Zoo
2. Tachikawa area
3. Osaka area

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japanmar69-44.jpg japanmar69-46.jpg japanmar69-45.jpg
The Tokyo zoo Feeding the elephant Riding a carousel
japanmar69-42.jpg japanmar69-43.jpg japanmar69-41.jpg
Grandmother, daughter and grandchildren at the zoo Lunch time at the zoo. Eating a riceball Cleaning up
japanmar69-14.jpg japanmar69-50.jpg japanmar69-30.jpg
A young girl at the zoo Tachikawa train station. There was a U.S. air base outside of Tachikawa. I bunked at the air base for a number of nights. Near Tachikawa train station
japanmar69-32.jpg japanmar69-36.jpg japanmar69-40.jpg
Tachikawa A movie theater in Tachikawa Tachikawa
japanmar69-48.jpg japanmar69-29.jpg japanmar69-49.jpg
The train track from Tachikawa to Tokyo Waiting for the train Heading for Tokyo
japanmar69-8.jpg japanmar69-24.jpg japanmar69-22.jpg
10:50 P.M. Leaving Tokyo for Tachikawa On the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka A snack on the train
japanmar69-23.jpg japanmar69-53.jpg japanmar69-18.jpg
View from the train. Men and machinary working the fields Osaka, from the tallest building Another view from the tallest building
japanmar69-19.jpg japanmar69-39.jpg japanmar69-37.jpg
Looking down at an amusement park on the roof of an adjacent building Mother and her children Viewing the latest in camera equipment at a camera store
japanmar69-51.jpg japanmar69-52.jpg japanmar69-28.jpg
Early Spring in Osaka Osaka street scene A street repairman
japanmar69-31.jpg japanmar69-27.jpg japanmar69-11.jpg
Osaka street scene Policeman Osaka street scene
japanmar69-13.jpg japanmar69-35.jpg japanmar69-12.jpg
Osaka street scene Mother and child. She is wearing the cotton mask to protect herself from airborne infections Osaka street scene
japanmar69-15.jpg japanmar69-16.jpg japanmar69-21.jpg
Craftsman repairing a fence in Osaka Osaka cemetery Entrance to Shinto shrine
japanmar69-47.jpg japanmar69-17.jpg japanmar69-20.jpg
Shinto Shrine Shrine in the cemetery In the Shinto shrine
japanmar69-25.jpg japanmar69-38.jpg japanmar69-33.jpg
Down and out in Osaka Public telephone Osaka street scene
japanmar69-10.jpg japanmar69-34.jpg japanmar69-9.jpg
The Coca-Cola delivery man On the way to work Inn of the Three Sisters. I bedded down there while I was in Osaka

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