83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters

7th Ordnance Company (Special Ammo)

260th Military Police Company

Seoksu-dong, Korea: 1968

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

This newly located group of black and white photographs were recovered as 35mm black and white negatives during January, 2004. I then scanned them into digital images.

These pictures are of the United States Army 83rd Ordnance Battalion. The Battalion was located approximately 15 miles south of Seoul. The site of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion reverted to Korean control from United States Army control in 1976. The buildings were then demolished and the site was rebuilt as a civilian high-rise housing complex. I was at this location in October, 2003, and the only sights that are now recognizable are the rugged mountains that surround the location.

I spent 13 months stationed at the 83rd Ordnance Battalion, from March, 1968 to April, 1969. Most of these pictures were taken in 1968; there may be some photos from 1969. The 83rd Ordnance Battalion's mission was to store and maintain ammunition. However, none of the ammunition was stored at this HQ location. The ammunition was stored about 5 miles from the HQ, at an isolated location. I estimate that there were between 300-400 men stationed at the 83rd Ordnance Battalion during 1968-69. The Battalion became inactive in 1975, and was later reactivated in 1987 at a location in Japan. It is still active at that Japanese location

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B&W-83ord-pic131.tif B&W-83ord-pic011.tif B&W-83ord-pic012.tif
An overview of Seoksu-dong village and the 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters compound Main Gate: 83rd Ordnance Battalion, Seoksu-dong, Korea. Located approximately 15 miles south of Seoul The American, United Nations and South Korean flags snapping in the wind
B&W-83ord-pic013.tif B&W-83ord-pic022.tif B&W-83ord-pic096.tif
The Motor Pool 2.5 ton, 10 wheel drive trucks. They are ready to roll Operations Training and Security buildings
B&W-83ord-pic048.tif B&W-83ord-pic039.tif B&W-83ord-pic091.tif
Just outside the Main Gate The Main Gate, looking out towards Seoksu-dong village First Sergeant Francis J. Butterworth, 260th Military Police Company. Note that he is entering the Main Gate with a leather sachel in his right hand
B&W-83ord-pic090.tif B&W-83ord-pic087.tif B&W-83ord-pic095.tif
Hmmm, The leather sachel is now gone My trusty M-151 Jeep. It looks a little dirty; that is because it always did what I instructed it to do. The dashboard of the M-151 Jeep
B&W-83ord-pic040.tif B&W-83ord-pic072.tif B&W-83ord-pic084.tif
Neil Mishalov sitting at the wheel of a 1.25 ton multipurpose truck Private First Class Ashford and a Korean employee of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion I was the Battalion mailman. This is the mailroom
B&W-83ord-pic092.tif B&W-83ord-pic024.tif B&W-83ord-pic025.tif
The mailroom The PX at the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. It was small, but it was appreciated by all of the members of the Battalion Browsing at the magazine section of the PX.
B&W-83ord-pic086.tif B&W-83ord-pic074.tif B&W-83ord-pic076.tif
A rainy day at the 83rd. I am standing in front of the Mess Hall and the PX Double-timing across the street Battalion Headquarters
B&W-83ord-pic077.tif TowerPanoBLACK2.tif B&W-83ord-pic010.tif
An M-151 Jeep next to small arms ammo storage containers The following 10 pictures were taken from the catwalk of the watertower encircled in black VIEW:North West. Looking at the Main Gate and part of Seoksu-dong village. The large buildings in the background are part of a Korean movie studio filming location
B&W-83ord-pic031.tif B&W-83ord-pic065.tif B&W-83ord-pic097.tif
VIEW:North, North West. Part of Seoksu-dong village. The "7 Club" is a prominent feature in this picture. VIEW:North. The Guard House for the MP's who manned the main gate, and the cinderblock wall separating Seoksu-dong village and the 83rd Ordnance compound VIEW:North, North East. Seoksu-dong village. In the lower right of the photograph is the "Flamingo Club"
B&W-83ord-pic027.tif B&W-83ord-pic099.tif B&W-83ord-pic028.tif
VIEW:North East. Part of the Motor Pool can be seen. A small farm is adjacent to the compound VIEW:East. the Motor Pool and a factory adjacent to the 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters compound VIEW:South. The long building under the Korean flag is the NCO Club. The quonset huts in front of the NCO Club are living quarters for the Enlisted Men of the 260th Military Police Company
B&W-83ord-pic098.tif B&W-83ord-pic030.tif B&W-83ord-pic100.tif
VIEW:South West. The building with the tile roof adjacent to the flag poles is Battalion Headquarters. The quonset huts behind Battalion HQ are the living quarters for the Enlisted Men of the 7th Ordnance Company(SA) VIEW:West. The quonset huts in this picture are living quarters for the Enlisted Men of Headquarters Company of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. The long cinderblock building in the rear is the latrine for HQ Company VIEW:West. A quick game of basketball. The small quonset hut with an attachment in the rear, is the living quarters for the Sargeant Major of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. The cinderblock building adjacent to the SM living quarters, is the movie theater.
B&W-83ord-pic093.tif B&W-83ord-pic088.tif B&W-83ord-pic001.tif
7th Ordnance Company (Special Ammo Support) The 7th Ord Co, Enlisted Men's living quarters. The latrine is in the background The United States Army never sleeps. The 7th Ordnance Company Orderly Room is manned 24 hours a day
B&W-83ord-pic002.tif B&W-83ord-pic089.tif B&W-83ord-pic129.tif
A "hootch" in the 7th Ordnance Company. "Hootch" was a term used to denote living quarters. These are quonset huts with no running water or bathroom facilities, and 2 oil fired space heaters. Sleeping for approximately 12 men A 1.25 ton truck assigned to the 7th Infantry Division. An infantry company guarded the 83rd Ord "Maximum Security Area" which was about 5 miles from 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters. In the background is the Medic's 1.25 ton vehicle Specialist Fifth Class Andrew (Doc) Bultman was the Dispensary's NCOIC. He was a great Doc!

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