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Photographs by Neil Mishalov

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Small arms ammo storage A building in the Motor Pool Sunrise over the 83rd Ordnance Battalion motor pool
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Sunrise over a military base A military compound The next 16 pictures depict military ceremonies at the 83rd Ordnance Battalion
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Captain James R. Hargrove, Executive Officer, 7th Ord Co, receiving the Army Commendation Medal from Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Boxell Captain James R. Hargrove left active Army duty after his tour of Korea was complete Captain Hargrove is now (2004) living in the Sacramento, California area
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John J. Champa, Supply Officer, 260th MP Company, is promoted from Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant "Congratulations" First Lieutenant Richard S. Hagins, Operations Officer, 83rd Ord Bn, receiving the Army Commendation Medal
B&W-83ord-pic016.tif B&W-83ord-pic017.tif B&W-83ord-pic029.tif
"Good job" Sergeant First Class Salassi, HQ Company, receiving the Defence Atomic Support Agency's Certificate of Achievment "Good work"
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Warrant Officer Birdshead and Lt Col Boxell Lieutnant York promoted to Captain. Captain York was the Officer in Charge of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team attached to the 83rd Ordnance The beautiful and charming Ms. Nam, 83rd Ordnance Battalion executive secretary, and the newly minted Captain York
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Private Firest Class Brown, 260 Military Police Company, receiveing the "Best Driver" award from LT Col Boxell Specialist 4 Sharp, 260 Military Police Company, receiving the "Best Driver" award It's a twofer for Specialist 4 Sharp, 260 Military Police Company. Here he is receiving the "Best Vehicle" award
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Sergeant Major Daniel B. Nifong receiving a Certificate of Achievment from Lt Col Boxell. He was later promoted to Command Sergeant Major. After his tour in Korea, he went to Vientam, and then retired from the Army. He lives (1999) in Oklahoma 6 August 1968. A concession arcade opens its doors at the 83rd Ordnance Battalion Lt Col Boxell greeting a representative of FASCOM
B&W-83ord-pic113.tif B&W-83ord-pic112.tif B&W-83ord-pic120.tif
Lt Col Boxell and Command Sergeant Major Daniel B. Nifong prepare to cut the opening ribbon The arcade is now open for business Unfortunately, I can no longer remember the reason for this meeting. The building in the background is the dispensary
B&W-83ord-pic123.tif B&W-83ord-pic124.tif B&W-83ord-pic125.tif
The Mess Hall of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion. A breakfast meeting Lt Colonel Boxell and CSM Nifong chaired the meeting It appears that a good time was had by all
B&W-83ord-pic117.tif B&W-83ord-pic118.tif B&W-83ord-pic119.tif
I am able to identify only three of the men in this photograph. Far left: First Sergeant Gill, 7th Ord Co. 4th from left: Lt Col Boxell. The tall soldier behind the gentleman in the white shirt and gray pants is CSM Nifong Civilians and the military worked well together Two Allies. The South Korean people and the American people
B&W-83ord-pic126.tif B&W-83ord-pic127.tif B&W-83ord-pic128.tif
In front of the PX and Mess Hall A South Korean liaison between the American military and the South Korean government Neil Mishalov, the photographer
The Officers and Men of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion were proud to provide support for the Pyong Wha Children's Home which was located in Anyang

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