83rd Ordnance Battalion

7th Ordnance Company (Special Ammo)

260th Military Police Company

Seoksu-dong, Korea

May 1965 through June 1966

Photos and text by Dick Scheedel

DICK SCHEEDEL was a 20 year-old living in the Bronx when he was inducted into the Army on October 12th 1964. He completed his basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and was sent to Fort Gordon, Georgia for advanced training as a radio-teletype operator. After a 22-day boat trip across the Pacific and a short stay at the Relocation Center in Inchon, Dick was assigned to the 7th Ordnance Company (Commo Section) and stationed there from May 1965 to June 1966. The pictures were taken with a Minolta 35mm camera and most of them developed by him using the company’s photo lab. After completing his tour of duty in Korea, Dick was sent to White Sands, New Mexico and assigned to the Army Missile Recovery Team at Holloman Air Force Base for three months before being discharged from the Army on October 11, 1966 as a Sergeant E-5. Dick got married in 1968 and moved to Marlboro, New Jersey in 1972 where he currently resides. He has been working as an IT Professional for over 40 years and is planning to retire soon and move to Florida.

A note from Neil Mishalov, the webmaster of this site. Dick Scheedel contacted me in the latter part of 2007. He told me he was stationed at the same U.S. Army base in Korea that I was stationed at, and that he served his Korean tour of duty almost three years before I arrived in Korea. He also mentioned that he has some photos from that place and time, and wanted to know if I would be interested in posting his pictures on my web site. He sent me a few samples of his work; I was delighted with his pictures and urged him to scan his photos, and send the images to me. You will see his evocative photographs below.

In addition, Bob Auerhahn contacted me in 2005 and told me that he was also stationed at the 83rd Ordnance Battalion; assigned to the 7th Ordnance Company in 1969-1970. He said he had many slides and B&W pictures taken by him while stationed in Korea, but he didn't have a scanner to capture the digital images of his pictures. Bob contacted me again in December 2007, and told me that he purchased a scanner and was scanning his Korean photos. I asked him to sent me a sample of his pictures...he did; they are quite nice. He agreed to send me his digital images of Korea for inclusion on this web site. In February 2008 he sent me a CD containing the images of a few hundred color pictures he took while stationed in Korea from 1969-1970. I will post Bob's pictures as soon as I finish processing them.

The physical structures of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion are no more. The former location of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion is now the site of multiple high-rise residential apartment buildings. I was in Seoksu-dong and took some photos of the former site of the 83rd Ordnance Battalion when I Went Back To Korea in October 2003.

Here is a Google Earth satellite image of the Seoksu-dong area taken in 2007.

Click on an image to see Dick Scheedel's full size pictures

korea-scheedel-84.jpg korea-scheedel-38.jpg korea-scheedel-49.jpg
83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Battalion CP 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Main Building 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Parade
korea-scheedel-50.jpg korea-scheedel-51.jpg korea-scheedel-12.jpg
83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Parade 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Parade 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Missile on display
korea-scheedel-13.jpg korea-scheedel-14.jpg korea-scheedel-48.jpg
83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Missile on display 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Missile on display 83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Small arms on display
korea-scheedel-61.jpg korea-scheedel-40.jpg korea-scheedel-26.jpg
83rd Ordnance Battalion Headquarters: Me and Mr. Yonsei 7th Ordnance Company: Sign outside of the company's Orderly Room 7th Ordnance Company: Motor Pool
korea-scheedel-25.jpg korea-scheedel-57.jpg korea-scheedel-29.jpg
7th Ordnance Company: Motor Pool - Ready for Inspection 7th Ordnance Company: I'm on Sgt. Weber's left side 7th Ordnance Company: The photographer of these pictures...PFC Scheedel
korea-scheedel-30.jpg korea-scheedel-32.jpg korea-scheedel-35.jpg
7th Ordnance Company: Our Christmas Tree 1965 7th Ordnance Company: Reading a Letter from Home 7th Ordnance Company: Company Latrine
korea-scheedel-41.jpg korea-scheedel-42.jpg korea-scheedel-21.jpg
7th Ordnance Company: Looking down the company's main street 7th Ordnance Company: Signs outside the Mess Hall Field Training Exercises: Bivouac area north of Camp Casey
korea-scheedel-15.jpg korea-scheedel-65.jpg korea-scheedel-69.jpg
Field Training Exercises: Who turned off the heat? Field Training Exercises: Local kids that showed up at our Bivouac Field Training Exercises: Bivouac visitors
korea-scheedel-16.jpg korea-scheedel-17.jpg korea-scheedel-24.jpg
Chun-chon: Convoy coming through Chun-chon Chun-chon: Shops in Chun-chon Chun-chon: Passing through Chun-chon
korea-scheedel-5.jpg korea-scheedel-6.jpg korea-scheedel-67.jpg
Panmunjeon: Freedom House at Panmunjeon Panmunjeon: Buildings at Panmunjeon Panmunjeon: Buildings at Panmunjeon
korea-scheedel-68.jpg korea-scheedel-7.jpg korea-scheedel-70.jpg
Panmunjeon: Buildings at Panmunjeon Panmunjeon: Inside the Freedom House at Panmunjeon Panmunjeon: Two North Korean Soldiers
korea-scheedel-78.jpg korea-scheedel-79.jpg korea-scheedel-80.jpg
Panmunjeon: North Korean Building Panmunjeon: North Korean Doves. Birds were trained to only land on Communist Buildings. Panmunjeon: The Im-jim River Freedom Bridge. The old bridge on the right was destroyed during the war
korea-scheedel-81.jpg korea-scheedel-82.jpg korea-scheedel-86.jpg
Panmunjeon: North Korean guard house Panmunjeon: Freedom House built in August 1965 Panmunjeon: Statue honoring men that have given their lives defending freedom's frontier
korea-scheedel-10.jpg korea-scheedel-11.jpg korea-scheedel-19.jpg
General Interest: Farm house General Interest: Rice patties General Interest: Flipped trailer
korea-scheedel-18.jpg korea-scheedel-20.jpg korea-scheedel-33.jpg
General Interest: Trying to un-flip trailer General Interest: Tree Transport Service General Interest: Target Practice at the Firing Range
korea-scheedel-9.jpg korea-scheedel-8.jpg korea-scheedel-34.jpg
General Interest: Plowing the rice patties General Interest: Local Village General Interest: Passenger Train
korea-scheedel-60.jpg korea-scheedel-28.jpg korea-scheedel-64.jpg
General Interest: Dam under construction on the Han River General Interest: Looking down at a Local Village General Interest: Honey Wagon
korea-scheedel-46.jpg korea-scheedel-27.jpg korea-scheedel-59.jpg
General Interest: Village kids General Interest: South Korean soldiers General Interest: Han River
korea-scheedel-72.jpg korea-scheedel-74.jpg korea-scheedel-75.jpg
Pheasant Hunting: One of the village members is telling me where I can find pheasants Seoul: Entrance to the Zoo Seoul: Chung-doo Palace
korea-scheedel-76.jpg korea-scheedel-77.jpg korea-scheedel-83.jpg
Seoul: Back area of the King's Palace Seoul: Entrance to the King's Palace Seoul: Chung-doo Palace
korea-scheedel-85.jpg korea-scheedel-1.jpg
Kimpo Airport: Getting ready to go home My wife Abbie and I with our two grandkids, Joshua age 6, and Lauran age 2: Taken on the ferry going to the Statue of Liberty- December 2007

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