Korea: November 1968

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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"In Commemoration. On this site 5 July 1950, 406 men of Task Force Smith, 21st Infantry and Battery 'A' 57th Field Artillery Battalion, 24th Infantry Division, fought the initial action between United States troops and the communist agressors" Battle field

Located near Suwon

Battle field
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Battle field Osan Air Force Base C-130 Hercules transport plane
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Piper airplane going back to the states for a mayor overhaul Whoops, we got a flat tire. Unfortunately, I no longer remember the name of the SP/4 What a nice smile! Road construction crew
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Rebuilding the road An all woman crew Hard at work
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Mother and infant Osan City Osan City
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Osan City Osan City Osan City
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Osan City Osan City Osan City
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Osan City. Osan is adjacent to Osan Air Base, and Air Force personnel frequent the city Osan City Osan City. Ancient gate to Osan in the back ground
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Korean government facility Korean government facility Separating the grain from the plant
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Gathering the grain Hello! Korean children having some fun Three lovely young girls
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Neil Mishalov hard at work in the 83rd Ordnance Battalion mail room Modern construction Hot red chilies drying in the sun
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December, 1968, near Suck-su Dong December, 1968, the recreation area near Suck-su Dong Frano and Neil Mishalov in front of the 7th Ordnance Company Bulletin Board

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