Korea: February 1969

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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A cold windy morning Inside the compound. Home sweet home In front of my "hootch"
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Running out of the latrine Suck-su Dong village Neil Mishalov in a house in Suck-su Dong village
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Inchon: A coastal city approximatly 10 miles west of Seoul Inchon Low tide at Inchon
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Inchon Bay and the Yellow Sea Hotel near Inchon Harbor Hotel
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View of Inchon View of Inchon A sidewalk in Inchon
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View of Inchon View of Inchon Train tracks in Inchon
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View of Inchon Inchon Harbor View of Inchon
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Inchon Harbor View of Inchon A desolate road near Suck-su Dong
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The muddy main road near Suck-su Dong Just a little farther: near Suck-su Dong A mother and child enduring the cold and wind: near Suck-su Dong
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Bakery located near Suwon The main road near Suck-su Dong 3 lovely women in a park
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Park in Inchon Park in Inchon Temple
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Park grounds Park grounds

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