Korea: April 1969

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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Preparing the ground for planting Oxen and man A country road
korea469-1.jpg korea469-4.jpg korea469-5.jpg
Burning the fields Grandmother and grandchildren on a rice patty dike Gobble, gobble, gobble
korea469-2.jpg Korea469-21.jpg korea469-11.jpg
Mother and child Working in the field Building a house
korea469-14.jpg korea469-9.jpg korea469-17.jpg
Snack bar in the 83rd Ord compound Washing the clothing Robert Lawrence asking to take a picture
korea469-10.jpg korea469-19.jpg korea469-6.jpg
Getting a snack shop in the recreation area ready for the opening in May Hotel in rec area Rec area
korea469-18.jpg korea469-15.jpg korea469-7.jpg
Neil Mishalov after one year in Koreaa Robert Lawrence after one year in Korea Rec area
Korea469-22.jpg korea469-8.jpg korea469-20.jpg
Whoops! stuck in the mud Two girls by the side of the road Going Home! After 13 months in Korea, this plane took me to McCord Air Force Base, Washington. At that time I was discharged from active service

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