Korea: May, 1968

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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Korea568-10.jpg Korea568-9.jpg Korea568-11.jpg
Children near Suck-su Dong Children near Suck-su Dong Children near Suck-su Dong
Korea568-12.jpg Korea568-13.jpg Korea568-14.jpg
Children near Suck-su Dong and man with bicycle Children near Suck-su Dong Family picnic
Korea568-15.jpg Korea568-16.jpg Korea568-17.jpg
Wooden figures Ballons for sale Choosing some grapes
Korea568-18.jpg Korea568-1.jpg Korea568-2.jpg
Dancing What shall I get her? Mother and daughter
Korea568-3.jpg Korea568-5.jpg
Praying at a shrine Father and son Flag
Korea568-7.jpg Korea568-8.jpg Korea568-19.jpg
Shrine Seoul Country gentleman

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