Korea: June 1968

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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korea668-1.jpg korea668-9.jpg korea668-4.jpg
Village near Suwon Planting rice Planting rice
korea668-5.jpg korea668-11.jpg korea668-10.jpg
Planting rice Preparing the field for the crops Cows in a corral
korea668-6.jpg korea668-3.jpg korea668-7.jpg
Oxen and man working the field Tilling the land Birds for sale
korea668-8.jpg korea668-35.jpg korea668-34.jpg
Homing Pidgins for sale Neil Mishalov outside his hootch Neil Mishalov in the hootch
korea668-40.jpg korea668-37.jpg korea668-36.jpg
Main road Houses in Seoul Korean Airlines Building
korea668-46.jpg korea668-49.jpg korea668-44.jpg
Neil Mishalov in Seoul Part of Seoul Seoul
korea668-39.jpg korea668-45.jpg korea668-42.jpg
Crossing a street in Seoul Road overpass Seoul street
korea668-38.jpg korea668-41.jpg korea668-48.jpg
Street in Seoul Seoul Laborer walking in Seoul
korea668-33.jpg korea668-52.jpg korea668-32.jpg
Homes in Seoul Street in Seoul On the road to Seoul
korea668-20.jpg korea668-18.jpg korea668-19.jpg
Seoul Seoul Seoul
korea668-21.jpg korea668-30.jpg korea668-24.jpg
Seoul Downtown Seoul Main entrance to the Seoul train station
korea668-28.jpg korea668-29.jpg korea668-27.jpg
At the Seoul train station Seoul train station Train tracks
korea668-26.jpg korea668-25.jpg korea668-31.jpg
Switching yard Main station ahead Inside a train car
korea668-23.jpg korea668-22.jpg korea668-2.jpg
An ancient gate to the city of Seoul Street overpass Village street
korea668-17.jpg korea668-43.jpg korea668-15.jpg
Hey, keep the dust down! Here comes a bus Anyang City
korea668-14.jpg korea668-13.jpg korea668-16.jpg
Anyang City Main Road, Anyang City Pushing a big load
Construction in Anyang

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