Korea: June, 1968 part II

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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7th Ordnance Company operations room 7th Ordnance Company with train rumbling by in the background Neil Mishalov and his trusty jeep
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In my section of the hootch Company party Company party
korea668-6.jpg korea668-7.jpg korea668-33.jpg
Company party Company Party. First Sergeant Gill trying to smile at the camera Jeep with a 105mm howitzer mounted on board
korea668-11.jpg korea668-35.jpg korea668-3.jpg
Neil Mishalov Neil Mishalov with the Sunday New York Times. Life is sweet! Neil Mishalov
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Kicking back on my bunk Truck heading to the Main Supply Route Big rig occupying the road
korea668-13.jpg korea668-14.jpg korea668-15.jpg
On the Main Supply Route Heading up the road Country road
korea668-16.jpg korea668-29.jpg korea668-37.jpg
Tilling the land Planting the crop Village scene
korea668-31.jpg korea668-32.jpg korea668-39.jpg
Country village Country village mother and children Grape's growing on the vine
korea668-30.jpg Korea668-42.jpg korea668-22.jpg
Farmers Farmer in his field Resting in the field
korea668-17.jpg korea668-20.jpg korea668-21.jpg
Neil Mishalov with some students on a country road Country road Making a telephone call in Suck-su Dong village
korea668-23.jpg korea668-24.jpg korea668-25.jpg
Suck-su Dong village Suck-su Dong village Climbing out of a dry river bed in Suck-su Dong village
korea668-26.jpg korea668-27.jpg korea668-28.jpg
Women in Suck-su Dong village Ally in Suck-su Dong village Suck-su Dong village
korea668-38.jpg korea668-34.jpg korea668-36.jpg
Suck-su Dong village Suck-su Dong village Father and infant
Korea668-40.jpg Korea668-41.jpg korea668-9.jpg
View from the Han River Bridge Yeong Deung Po Train Station Hello!

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