Korea: June 1968 part III

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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korea668-16.jpg korea668-2.jpg korea668-17.jpg
A farm house and vegetables. Can you see the turkey in the photograph? A beautiful day in Korea Hi little guy!
korea668-1.jpg korea668-15.jpg korea668-14.jpg
Grapes growing on the vine A helicopter takes off from the 83rd Ordnance Battalion compound Up, up and away!
korea668-10.jpg korea668-8.jpg korea668-12.jpg
Seoul Seoul Seoul street
korea668-3.jpg korea668-9.jpg korea668-11.jpg
A view of Seoul On the road New construction
korea668-13.jpg korea668-4.jpg korea668-5.jpg
A Sunday stroll Young family Mama San
korea668-7.jpg korea668-6.jpg
Husband and wife strolling on a Seoul street Unfortunately I forgot this soldier's name

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