Korea: July, 1968

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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Lovely mother and child Thinking about life Greetings!
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Hello Farmer A nice summer day
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Farmer and sleeping loft A farmer and his fields Carrying water for irrigation
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Human powered water pump Irrigating the rice patty Hard at work in the rice patty
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Oxen and man Planting the rice Planting the rice
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Hello! Tending the rice seedlings Planting the rice in rows for harvesting
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Spraying the young rice plants Hand water pump Village scene
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Rice almost ready for harvesting Field under cultivation Women walking on a country road
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Farm house Grape vines Rural view
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House and field Robert S. Lawrence and some Korean children Hello!
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In the village Transmission antenna Radio transmission site
korea768-27.jpg korea768-55.jpg Korea768-74.jpg
View of the valley Suck-su Dong village. Hey, do I have a flat tire? Suck-su Dong village. Young child
Korea768-71.jpg Korea768-72.jpg korea768-8.jpg
Suck-su Dong village. Children and grains Child in Suck-su Dong Brother and sister in Suck-su Dong
korea768-16.JPG korea768-29.jpg korea768-34.jpg
Village street Hillside village Anyang City train station
korea768-32.jpg korea768-65.jpg korea768-30.jpg
Anyang City Anyang City bus depot Cleaning the buses in Anyang City
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Movie theater in Anyang City Main street in Anyang Anyang
korea768-49.jpg korea768-33.jpg korea768-50.jpg
Strolling in Anyang Anyang City Anyang City
korea768-35.jpg korea768-36.jpg korea768-48.jpg
Markets in Anyang Market scene Market proprietor and grandchild
Korea768-60.jpg korea768-9.jpg korea768-37.jpg
Street vendor in Anyang City Young girl in the fields Whoops! Bus runs off the road
korea768-10.jpg korea768-12.jpg korea768-51.jpg
In the village of Suck-su Dong, looking at the latest Sears-Robuck catalog Neil Mishalov and Robert S. Lawrence at Kimpo airfield At Kimpo air field
korea768-52.jpg korea768-56.jpg korea768-53.jpg
Neil Mishalov and Robert Lawrence at Kimpo air field saying farewell to Steve Mikeloff, who is rotating to Fort Lewis, Washington Cooling off Playing in the stream
Korea768-61.jpg korea768-59.jpg Korea768-70.jpg
A warm summers day 83rd Ordnance Battalion PX Ooh ... ice cream!
Korea768-75.jpg Korea768-73.jpg korea768-7.jpg
A quiet breakfast in a rural home Sorting the grain Washing the clothing ... hello!

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