Korea: August 1968

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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korea868-34.jpg korea868-38.jpg korea868-31.jpg
Recreation area near Suck-su Dong Pool in recreation area Recreation area
korea868-33.jpg korea868-39.jpg korea868-41.jpg
Strolling in the recreation area Harvesting the crops Korean Army truck stuck in the middle of a field
korea868-40.jpg korea868-30.jpg korea868-36.jpg
The Americans tried to assist We also got stuck Combined forces
korea868-37.jpg korea868-3.jpg korea868-29.jpg
A messy situation 10 wheel drive truck badly bogged down A bulldozer to the rescue
korea868-35.jpg korea868-32.jpg korea868-9.jpg
After the vehicles were removed The farmer was not happy about what happened to his land Han River Bridge, Seoul
korea868-28.jpg korea868-4.jpg korea868-8.jpg
Han River bridge Han River Bridge On the banks of the Han River
korea868-17.jpg korea868-7.jpg korea868-5.jpg
Near the Han river Party barge on the Han River Party barges
korea868-27.jpg korea868-12.jpg korea868-6.jpg
Party barge Low tide on the Han River Driver training near the Han River
korea868-11.jpg korea868-25.jpg korea868-14.jpg
Rest stop near the Han river bridge 8th Army Headquarters, near Seoul 8th Army Headquarters, near Seoul
korea868-24.jpg korea868-13.jpg korea868-23.jpg
View from Walker Military Recreation area, north of Seoul Walker Military Recreation area, North of Seoul Vew from Walker Recreation area
korea868-21.jpg korea868-20.jpg korea868-22.jpg
Walker Military Recreation area, north of Seoul Walker Military Recreation area, north of Seoul Part of Seoul
korea868-19.jpg korea868-18.jpg korea868-16.jpg
Stadium in Seoul Fruits for sale Entry to the Korean Anti-Communist League
korea868-15.jpg korea868-26.jpg korea868-10.jpg
Planning ahead Repair work on the main road Road construction zone
korea868-2.jpg korea868-1.jpg
View of my hootch and the latrine Home sweet home

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