Korea: August 1968 part II

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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korea868-14.jpg korea868-16.jpg korea868-19.jpg
August monsoon rains Road flooding Flooding
korea868-13.jpg Korea868-61.jpg Korea868-58.jpg
Muddy country road Train coming down the main north/south train line Here'e the diesel train
korea868-1.jpg korea868-10.jpg korea868-11.jpg
Hillside village Taking the crop to market Even 10 wheel drive vehicles can get stuck in the mud
korea868-47.jpg korea868-9.jpg korea868-21.jpg
The bulldozer does the job Get that truck out of my field! Pulled out by a bulldozer
korea868-8.jpg korea868-15.jpg korea868-20.jpg
Ugh Whoops! Muddy fun
korea868-22.jpg korea868-12.jpg korea868-17.jpg
"Gas station" My jeep being gassed-up for a trip to Seoul Country road
korea868-18.jpg korea868-23.jpg korea868-24.jpg
Cyclist rolling down the road 83rd Ordnance Company Theater. I had the job of projectionist Walking to work
korea868-25.jpg korea868-26.jpg korea868-27.jpg
Moving down the main road Bridge over the Han River Women repairing the main road
korea868-28.jpg korea868-29.jpg korea868-30.jpg
Rice paddy Maximum Security Area in distance. Guard towers can be seen Road to the Maximum Security Area
korea868-3.jpg korea868-31.jpg korea868-32.jpg
Tilling the land Farmer's sleeping building. They sleep in the field during the summer All my personal belonings
korea868-34.jpg korea868-35.jpg korea868-36.jpg
Goats grabing some lunch A pleasant summer's day Recreation area
korea868-37.jpg korea868-38.jpg korea868-39.jpg
Recreation area Wee, this is fun! Trying to stay cool
korea868-4.jpg korea868-46.jpg korea868-40.jpg
Korean paratrooper monument Korean monument Recreation area
korea868-7.jpg korea868-41.jpg korea868-42.jpg
A summer stroll Country road Walking through the fields
korea868-43.jpg korea868-45.jpg korea868-51.jpg
Country road Rice patties Rice Patties
korea868-48.jpg korea868-49.jpg Korea868-57.jpg
Small village Tilling the land Spreading fertilizer
Korea868-59.jpg korea868-6.jpg Korea868-56.jpg
Taking a break Hello Hello agin
korea868-5.jpg korea868-50.jpg Korea868-52.jpg
She's a cutie! Mama San walking down the road Han River party barge's
Korea868-54.jpg Korea868-55.jpg Korea868-60.jpg
Working on his little boat These kids are having fun in the tree Papa San gentleman
Korea868-62.jpg Korea868-63.jpg Korea868-64.jpg
Trying to stay in the shade Making cookies Kimpo Airfield. Test blaze
Korea868-65.jpg Korea868-67.jpg Korea868-66.jpg
Kimpo Airfield. Test blaze Driving Sargeant Mikeloff to Kimpo Air Field Sergeant Mikeloff at Kimpo, ready to return to the States

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