Some photos taken while I was on active service in the Army 1967-1969

The intrepid photographer - South Korea 1968



Walking back to the hootch after a shower - South Korea 1968


Distributing mail to soldiers with the 260th Military Police Company - South Korea 1968


Thanks to Garrett Falcone for the two mailroom photos. Garrett was a member of the 260 Military Police Company. After serving in Korea, Garrett was stationed in Vietnam. He now resides in Maryland.


Battalion Mail Clerk - South Korea 1968


Basic Training. A Sunday in October. Fort Jackson, South Carolina 1967



Yeow! During the first week of basic training. Fort Jackson, South Carolina. September, 1967


Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Early Spring, 1968

Jere N. Hagen (left) and Neil Mishalov relaxing by the tail assembly of a German V-2 rocket captured by the U.S. military at the end of WWII. Jere was subsequently stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, which was where he concluded his active service in the U.S. Army.



Basic training. Polish those boots. Fort Jackson, September, 1967



Neil Mishalov with his father and mother, Herman and Kate. Brooklyn, New York, July, 1944


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