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Korea Herald, 26 July 2003


Our subject is an American Internet site depicting in vivid color photographs of our country as it looked 34 years ago.

The master of this site, Neil Mishalov, is a man who served as a U.S. soldier stationed in Korea for one year, 1968-69. This man himself has, since last year, been adding photos, which have been in storage, to his homepage: www.mishalov.com, which is where they appear. These photos include the road in front of Kwanghamun, the square in front of Seoul City Hall, the entrance to Duk Soo Palace, the front of Seoul Train Station, a pedestrian overpass on Chongro etc. He was stationed in the neighborhood of Soksu Dong in Anyang in a U.S. Army supply division, and served as the driver of a mail vehicle. Because of this, he was able to travel all over, to Seoul, Osan, Inchon and Anyang, and on many days engaged in what had been his hobby since he was a young man, taking photographs.

He had the film developed and mounted as color slides, and kept them, unseen, for 34 years. In early 2002, after learning from a former high school classmate how to operate a film scanner, he transferred them to digital images and put them on his web site.

Following his retirement, using the familiarity and skill he had developed in designing an Internet homepage, he began moving the digital images of Korea onto his site, which he had begun developing in 1996. The slides relating to Korea number 622 in all. From the scenery of a farm village of thatch-roofed houses to what at that time was the highest- class hotel, the Bando, it is a large display. 

Mr. Mishalov has been invited to the Anyang cultural festival 2-5 October 2003 in order to participate in the opening of an exhibit of his photographs, and so will be finding Korea once again after an absence of 34 years.

Thanks to Mr. John A. Cushing, United States Embassy, Seoul, Korea, and also to Mr. Andy Park, Los Angeles, California, for their independent translations of this news story from Korean to English. I have combined their individual translations into the above English text.

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