Las Trampas Regional Wilderness: 11 May 2004

Latitude: North 37° 48.906’

Longitude: West 122° 02.936’

Photos by Neil Mishalov

The LAS TRAMPAS REGIONAL WILDERNESS is sited on the western side of the San Ramon Valley, which is east of the San Francisco Bay. It is located about 17 miles southeast of my home in Berkeley, California. It is part of the East Bay Regional Park District, which has extensive land holding in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California.

Las Trampas Regional Wilderness has 3,882 acres of wilderness that allows hikers, bicycle riders and horseback riders to enjoy its remote and rugged areas. Two major earthquake faults -- the Las Trampas and Bollinger faults -- account for the uplift and exposure of some well defined geological formations

TRAIL MAP (pdf format)

Some hike factoids and statistics: Time on the trail: 10:45 a.m. to 2:35 p.m. Number of hikers: 2. Distance covered: 6.72 miles. Total ascent: 2,190 feet. Maximum elevation: 1,970 feet. Route: Rocky Ridge Trail => Upper Ridge Trail => Sycamore Trail => Devil's Hole Trail => Upper Ridge Trail => Elderberry Trail

All Images and Text Copyright © by Neil Mishalov


Topographic Route Map and Elevation Profile:

Data gathered with a Garmin GPS Map 60C

Topographic mapping program for Macintosh OSX by National Geographic

A panoramic view of Mount Diablo (3,849 ft). This photo was taken from the Rocky Ridge Trail; the view is looking east

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IMG_2602.JPG IMG_2561.JPG IMG_2562.JPG
Bollinger Canyon staging area and parking lot Climbing up the Rocky Ridge Trail Looking at Las Trampas Ridge from the Rocky Ridge Trail
IMG_2574.JPG IMG_2576.JPG IMG_2577.JPG
A snake catching some rays Beautiful Mount Diablo (3,849 ft) is east of our location Gene F. White (age 70) and Neil Mishalov (age 61) are still out there and doing it!
IMG_2579.JPG IMG_2580.JPG IMG_2584.JPG
Looking west towards the San Francisco Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains Unusual rock formation Interesting formation on the Sycamore Trail
IMG_2585.JPG IMG_2587.JPG IMG_2588.JPG
Gene is checking our route on the map."Hmm, are we lost or just confused?" Neil is ready to move on...lost or not! Cranking up the Devil's Hole Trail
IMG_2589.JPG IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2593.JPG
The Devil's Hole Trail is isolated and beautiful Climbing up to the Rocky Ridge Trail The Devil's Hole Trail ascending towards the ridge
IMG_2596.JPG IMG_2597.JPG IMG_2598.JPG
On the ridge top looking east at Las Trampas Ridge Las Trampas Ridge with Mount Diablo in the background Looking northwest. In the distance is Mount Tamalpais (2, 571 ft)
IMG_2600.JPG IMG_2601.JPG
Boundary marker for Alameda County and Contra Costa County, California On the left is the Rocky Ridge Trail, and heading down towards our starting point is the Elderberry Trail

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