Early Spring Flowers on Mount Tamalpais: 13 February 2005

A hike of 6.84 miles in distance; 1,596 feet of climbing

Latitude: North 37° 54.389’

Longitude: West 122° 32.943’

Photos by Neil Mishalov

On 13 February I took a little ramble on Mount Tamalpais. I started in downtown Mill Valley and walked up Tamalpais Avenue and Summit Avenue. I then proceeded to hike on the Hoo-Koo-E-Koo Trail and the Blithdale Ridge Trail. I finally wended my way back to downtown Mill Valley. The purpose of this hike, besides the intention of having a marvelous time, was to note and photograph natures sure signs of early spring in northern California. I rambled for 3 hours on the streets of Mill Valley, and the trails of Mount Tamalpais. The weather was overcast with a light drizzle occuring near the end of the hike.

All photographs were taken with a Canon 20D camera and a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens

All Images and Text Copyright © by Neil Mishalov


Topographic Map of the Area with a GPS Tracked Route Superimposed

Hike data gathered with a Garmin 60C GPS RECEIVER

Topographic mapping program for Macintosh OSX by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Satellite Photo Map of the Area with a GPS Tracked Route Superimposed

TerraBrowser satellite mapping program for Macintosh OSX by CHIMOOSOFT

GPS track converter by GPSBABEL

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IMG_0711.JPG IMG_0710.JPG IMG_0708.JPG
Mill Valley. The lower intersection of Summit Avenue and Tamalpais Avenue, with lichen on both signs What does this Austrian Pinzgauer 710M 4x4 have to do with springtime flowers? Absolutely nothing
IMG_0712.JPG IMG_0713.JPG IMG_0716.JPG
IMG_0717.JPG IMG_0722.JPG IMG_0725.JPG
Self protrait A young deer looking for breakfast on private property located on Tamalpais Avenue
IMG_0728.JPG IMG_0729.JPG IMG_0733.JPG
IMG_0735.JPG IMG_0739.JPG IMG_0741.JPG
IMG_0743.JPG IMG_0745.JPG IMG_0749.JPG
IMG_0750.JPG IMG_0753.JPG IMG_0755.JPG
IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0768.JPG IMG_0773.JPG
Part of the Hoo-Koo-E-Koo Trail
IMG_0774.JPG IMG_0776.JPG IMG_0778.JPG

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