Early Spring on the North Side of Mount Tamalpais: 14 March 2004

Photos by Neil Mishalov

These pictures were taken on the Yolanda Trail and the Worn Springs Trail. The route is approximately 6.81 miles round trip. The temperature was in the high 70’s, and the trails and the views were quite lovely.

"... Tamalpais can be seen as the climax of this incomparable landscape at the continent's edge, this place where the Pacific breaches the thousand-mile mountain barrier along the western rim of America." ---Harold Gilliam

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Photo from the top of Bald Hill; the view is east, southeast

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IMG_2137.tif IMG_2103.tif IMG_2099.tif
Deer Park School (160 ft), Fairfax, California, the starting point and finishing point of this hike The beautiful Yolanda Trail The Yolanda Trail
IMG_2100.tif IMG_2104.tif IMG_2101.tif
A view from the Yolanda Trail Another view from the Yolanda Trail On the trail
IMG_2102.tif IMG_2105.tif IMG_2121.tif
In a forested section of the trail Looking West. The Pacific Ocean on the horizon Neil Mishalov on top of Bald Hill (1,141 Ft). This view overlooks San Anselmo and Ross. San Francisco Bay in the background
IMG_2123.tif IMG_2124.tif IMG_2125.tif
A view from Bald Hill. San Quentin State Prison is visible, as is the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge and Mount Diablo New life Phoenix Lake reservoir (174 ft), built in 1905, it is one of 5 reservoirs built to provide drinking water for the people of southern Marin County
IMG_2126.tif IMG_2127.tif IMG_2131.tif
On the Worn Springs Trail A view from the Yolanda Trail California Poppy (Genus Eschscholzia) the State Flower of California
IMG_2132.tif IMG_2133.tif IMG_2134.tif
A view from the Yolanda Trail A steep drop off on the Yolanda Trail On the forest floor
A poisonous mushroom

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