Early Spring on Mount Tamalpais: 7 March 2004

Photos by Neil Mishalov

These pictures were taken on the Dipsea Trail. The trail goes from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach and is approximately 7.75 miles one way. The temperature was in the high 70’s and as you can easily tell, it was a beautiful day.

"... Tamalpais can be seen as the climax of this incomparable landscape at the continent's edge, this place where the Pacific breaches the thousand-mile mountain barrier along the western rim of America." ---Harold Gilliam

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Mount Tamalpais, California. On the Dipsea Trail Looking southeast. Mount Diablo on the left side of the photograph The Dipsea Trail has been used by hikers and runners for more than 100 years. It connects Mill Valley with Stinson Beach on the Pacific Ocean. Distance is approximately 7.75 miles, one way
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On the trail with the Pacific Ocean in the distance Panoramic Highway wending its way to the Pacific Ocean On the trail
IMG_2040.JPG IMG_2041.JPG IMG_2042.JPG
Flowering tree Ferns leaching life from the trunk of a tree Early Spring on Mount Tam
IMG_2043.JPG IMG_2045.JPG IMG_2046.JPG
Early Spring on Mount Tam Wild Iris Poison Oak getting ready for another season
IMG_2047.JPG IMG_2049.JPG IMG_2051.JPG
The Pacific Ocean and the California coastline south of San Francisco Tree and rocks New life
IMG_2052.JPG IMG_2053.JPG IMG_2054.JPG
Growing from the forest floor The San Francisco TV tower can be seen in the left of the picture San Francisco peeks through! The Bank of America building, the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and the TV tower rise about the Marin Headlands
IMG_2057.JPG IMG_2058.JPG IMG_2059.JPG
The East Bay Hills, with Oakland visible. Angel Island and the Belvedere Peninsula are also seen The Tiburon Peninsula and Mount Diablo (3,849ft) Marin Headlands
IMG_2061.JPG IMG_2062.JPG IMG_2064.JPG
Marin Headlands. Highway 1 winding its way along the coast Springtime California Poppy (Genus Eschscholzia) the State Flower of California
IMG_2065.JPG IMG_2067.JPG IMG_2068.JPG
On the horizon, in the middle of the picture, is a view of the Farallon Islands, located 25 miles off the coast of California Stinson Beach and Bolinas Neil Mishalov
IMG_2071.JPG IMG_2072.JPG IMG_2073.JPG
Springtime flower Springtime flowers A view of homes and buildings in the western portion of San Francisco
IMG_2074.JPG IMG_2081.JPG IMG_2082.JPG
Trail marker Love those rolling hills! The Dipsea Trail goes through deep forest and exposed hillsides
IMG_2083.JPG IMG_2084.JPG IMG_2085.JPG
On the trail Flowering in the shade A large tree and root system go horizontial
IMG_2086.JPG IMG_2088.JPG IMG_2089.JPG
Scottish Broom Poisonous Mushroom Wild Iris
IMG_2090.JPG IMG_2094.JPG IMG_2095.JPG
Flowering tree On the forest floor California Poppy (Genus Eschscholzia) the State Flower of California

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This page created on 8 March 2004. All photographs copyright 2004, by Neil Mishalov neil@mishalov.com