Photos from Mount Tam

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In 1944, a Navy plane with 8 men aboard, took off from Alameda Naval Air Station. The plane was heading for Hickem Air Field, Hawaii. Perhaps it was foggy when the plane took off. In any case, within 15 minutes of becoming airborne, the plane with enough fuel for a 3,000 mile flight, slammed onto the southern slope of Mt. Tam at approximately 1,450 ft. elevation. The plane and the occupants were instantly destroyed. The crash site is located about 30 yards from the trail that was specifically constructed to reach the crash site. 60 years after the horrific occurrence, shredded medal is still at the crash site. The site is not easily found, and perhaps that is why debris still remains. Incredibly, after all those years, nothing is growing at the point of impact. May the eight men Rest in Peace.