Photographic bits-and-pieces from late 2010

Including, but not limited to, pelicans, art work in Emeryville, a house in Albany, the site of the old City of Berkeley garbage dump, an egret in Richmond and a thai chili pizza!

November & December 2010

Photographs by Neil Mishalov

Camera: Canon D10 or a Panasonic LX5

"Thinking should be done before and after, not during photographing. Success depends on the extent of one's general culture, one's set of values, one's clarity of mind one's vivacity. The thing to be feared most is the artificially contrived, the contrary to life." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

This panoramic photo was taken from the eastern side of Point Isabel, in Richmond, during high tide. The northern portion of Albany Hill is visible on the far right of the picture. In the distance are the Berkeley Hills with portions of the City of El Cerrito, the unincorporated area of Kensington, the City of Berkeley and the East Richmond Heights area of the City of Richmond visible. 11 different pictures were combined to make this panorama. 6 December.

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A pelican. 24 November.

Her wingtips are just touching the water as she takes off on another search for food. 24 November.

The next 4 pictures were taken under the Eastshore Freeway section of Interstate 80. I was cycling south along the Bay Trail when I reached Emeryville. I turned east on Powell Street, and cycled on that part of Powell Street that traverses under the freeway. These 4 pieces of art greeted me as I cycled past. They are made from sheets of 1/4" rolled steel. Beautiful. 27 November.

A tree and and Cumulus cloud as seen from Point Isabel. 6 December.

Pampas Grass blowing in the wind. Bay Trail, Richmond. 26 November.

I believe this is African Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum). Albany. 5 December.

Albany. 5 December.

An egret patiently awaiting her next portion of breakfast. Bay Trail, Richmond. 1 December.

820 Cornell Avenue, Albany. This house was purchased by an artist about 5 years ago. She has been busy taking a nondiscript small stucco bungalow and turning it into a jewel of a home. Her latest work of art is the beautiful redwood deck she recently had constructed. 3 December.

This is the same house as above, prior to the redwood deck. 22 June 2009.

1205 Stannage Avenue, Albany. 3 December.

Takara Sake USA manufacturing facility. Berkeley. 28 November.

I recently learned how to make pizza from scratch*. This is a mozzarella cheese pizza with Thai chili peppers and garlic. Now after observing the below photo, you may be of the opinion that the pizza pie appears overcooked and has way too much garlic and chili. I respect your opinion.

*My definition of "scratch" means purchasing fresh-made pizza dough, rolling the dough and adding ingredients. Yes, of course I use a pizza stone.

Here is a panoramic view of Berkeley California, the Queen of the West. The picture was taken from Cesar Chavez State Park, the site of an old City of Berkeley garbage dump. Yes, a garbage dump. In 1924 the City of Berkeley started a major "reclamation" project which encompassed 100's of acres of pristine tide lands on the coastline of Berkeley. The City of Berkeley dumped human garbage on those tide lands for more than 60 years. Sigh. GO HERE to read an interesting report published in the June 1949 issue of "The American City," about the "reclamation" of tide lands. The author of the report was the superintendent of the Department of Refuse Service, Berkeley, California. The article was published on the 25th anniversity of the garbage dump site's existence. In the early 1990's the dump was closed and Berkeley garbage has since been trucked to a dump site near Tracy, California. I remember going to this former City of Berkeley dump site many times in the 1980's; depositing all types of household debris. I wonder what amazing artifacts from the late 20th century will be found by archaeologists digging at this site 500 years from now? 9 different pictures were combined to make this panorama. 25 November.

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This is a picture taken from the dump site in 1949. Looking east at the Berkeley Hills. Seabirds can be seen on the water between the fast growing city dump and the Berkeley mainland.

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