San Francisco Stroll

Organized by the Stanford Outing Club

Photos by Neil Mishalov

On 18 March 2006 we did a 9.3 mile stroll on the streets of San Francisco

We started this little ramble at the PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO at about 11:00 a.m., and walked the streets of San Francisco. Some of the locations we passed were: SAN FRANCISCO MINT, MISSION DELORES, MOUNT SUTRO, TANK HILL and ALTA PLAZA PARK. There was a total elevation gain of about 1,000 feet; 42 hikers participated in the hike. The leader of this hike was Julio Magalhaes.

All photographs were taken with a Canon S50 camera

Images and Text Copyright © Neil Mishalov


Topographic Map of the Area with a GPS Tracked Route Superimposed

Hike data gathered with a Garmin 60Cx GPS RECEIVER

Topographic mapping program for Macintosh OSX by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

Satellite Photo Map of the Area with a GPS Tracked Route Superimposed

If you have Google Earth for Macintosh OSX or Windows XP/2000, you can view this hike in a 3 dimensional interface of Planet Earth. Simply download this very small KMZ file (SAN FRANCISCO.KMZ) to your computer, unzip the file and click on it. Google Earth is a free download; you can get it HERE.

Google Earth satellite mapping program for Macintosh OSX

GPS data converters by GPS VISUALIZER and GPSBABEL

Group Photo-Alta Plaza

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View from Tank Hill #1

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View from Tank Hill #2

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IMG_5558.JPG IMG_5512.JPG IMG_5513.JPG
Dr. Julio Magalhaes, the fearless leader of this hike Discussing George Lucas' Presidio Letterman Digital Arts Center Walking through the former Presidio Army Base, now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area
IMG_5514.JPG IMG_5516.JPG IMG_5519.JPG
Leaving the Cow Hollow section of San Francisco A view of San Francisco Bay and the roof of the Palace of Fine Arts, built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition The building with the green roof, located on Jackson Street, was the home of the Consulate General of Japan at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. Yoshio Muto, the head of the consulate, closed the consulate and left for Japan on 31 December 1941. The building is now a private residence
IMG_5524.JPG IMG_5526.JPG IMG_5529.JPG
Walking down the steps of Alta Plaza Park. Located on Scott Street A view from Alamo Square Park. Another view of downtown San Francisco from Alamo Square Park. Located on Steiner Street
IMG_5536.JPG IMG_5537.JPG IMG_5540.JPG
United States Mint. Located on Market Street Mission Delores. Located on Buchanan Street Regrouping at Mission Delores Park
IMG_5541.JPG IMG_5542.JPG IMG_5543.JPG
View from Mission Delores Park Protero Hill from Mission Delores Park In the distance, peeking out above the East Bay Hills in Oakland, is the summit of Mount Diablo, 40 miles east of our location
IMG_5544.JPG IMG_5549.JPG IMG_5560.JPG
Hmm, not too much maneuvering room View from Tank Hill on Twin Peaks Boulevard. Mount Tamalpais in the distance as are the two towers of the Golden Gate Bridge The Mount Sutro television tower. Built in 1973 it is 981 feet tall and is located on the summit of Mount Sutro, which rises 908 feet above sea level

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