San Francisco Ramble: Stanford Outing Club-17 May 2008

San Francisco Ramble

City and County of San Francisco, California

Stanford Outing Club

17 May 2008

Leader: Julio Magalhaes

Approximately 11 miles and 1200 ft. accumulated climb


Photographs taken by Neil Mishalov with a Canon SD700is camera

Walking to the Golden Gate Bridge. We are crossing a portion of land known as Crissy Field. Crissy Field was a military airfield constructed in 1915 on the grounds of the Presidio of San Francisco. Between 1998 and 2000, the concrete airfield was removed and the land was restored to its original state... a lovely salt marsh.

Fog and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you look at the the north tower, the tower in the distance, you will notice a large gray ship to the left of the tower. That ship is the WWII era Liberty Ship, the SS Jeremiah O'Brien. She was built in Maine during 1943. She saw duty during WWII, and among other missions, she was a supply ship anchored off the coast of Normandy, France, during D-Day in June of 1944. She returned to Omaha Beach in Normandy in 1994. She was the only ship to return to the D-Day invasion site to celebrate the 50th anniversity of the invasion of Nazi held Western Europe. In 2003 I took a cruise on the SS Jeremiah O'Brien; you can see detailed pictures of the ship By Going Here.


The hiking group

We are at the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Berkeley Hills and San Francisco are visible in the background


The group on the southeast side of the South Tower

Sadly, the Golden Gate Bridge is a frequent site for suicide. More than 1,200 people have jumped from the bridge since the bridge was open to the public on 27 May 1937. As of 2006 only 26 people are known to have survived the jump. Currently, it is said that a person jumps off the bridge every 15 days.

The SS Jeremiah O'Brien steaming east in San Francisco Bay

The Presidio of San Francisco had been a military installation in San Francisco since 1776. In 1994 the Presidio was transfered from the U.S. military to the U.S. National Park Service. The Presidio is California Registered Historical Landmark No 79.

San Francisco National Cemetery. In 1884 this was the site of the first National Cemetery placed on the West Coast. In 1973 the cemetery was officially closed to new interments.

Google Earth satellite/aerial photo map of the area of the hike, with the tracked route of the hike superimposed in red on the image.

Hiking data gathered with a Garmin Colorado 300 GPS Receiver

GPS data converter for Macintosh OSX by Load-My-Tracks


Elevation profile of the hike. Data retrived from Ascent GPS enabled training software for the Macintosh.

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