A Hike to the Summit of Mount El Sombroso (elv. 2,999 feet): 4 May 2005

A hike of 12.24 miles in distance; 3,337 feet of climbing

Latitude: North 37° 11.739’

Longitude: West 121° 59.138’

Where is Mount El Sombroso LOCATED?

Photos by Neil Mishalov

"When I was growing up in Berkeley, I used to think of East Bay wild places as wilderness with training wheels...

Experience elsewhere has taught me that those wheels were only in my mind. Trails where I once held my father's hand are no less worthy destinations today, especially as they are being connected to form the 400 mile Bay Area Ridge Trail."

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Gene, Betsy and I did a 12 mile hike to the top of Mount El Sombroso in the SIERRA AZUL OPEN SPACE PRESERVE. The route we took, the Priest Rock Trail, Limekiln Trail, Woods Trail, Kennedy Trail and back down the Priest Rock Trail, is but a small part of the BAY AREA RIDGE TRAIL network of trails that will eventually circle the San Francisco Bay Area with more than 400 miles of trails.

We started this hike at 10:10 a.m., and finished at 3:30 p.m. The weather was overcast and humid; there was a rain drizzle during the final hour of the hike.

Click HERE to view a map showing the current, up-to-date, configuration of the Bay Area Ridge Trail network.

All photographs were taken with a Canon S50 camera

All Images and Text Copyright © Neil Mishalov


Topographic Map of the Area with a GPS Tracked Route Superimposed

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IMG_4435.JPG IMG_4437.JPG IMG_4438.JPG
We started the hike at the Priest Rock Trailhead (760 feet), near the Lexington Reservoir. The reservoir is located near the city limits of Los Gatos. The reservoir is contiguous with CA Hwy 17, just as the road begins its climb west, up the Santa Cruz Mountains An excellent display of flowers and greenery greeted us throughout the hike In the distance is the Priest Rock Trail as it descends the Kennedy-Limekiln area of Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. We will descend that trail upon our return
IMG_4440.JPG IMG_4444.JPG IMG_4445.JPG
Betsy striding along, as we climb to Mount El Sombroso
IMG_4436.JPG IMG_4447.JPG IMG_4448.JPG
The majority of the hike was done in Sierra Azul OSP. The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District manages many acres of recreational land in the southern portion of the peninsula On the Limekiln Trail
IMG_4451.JPG IMG_4449.JPG IMG_4452.JPG
A quick drop into a creek drainage
IMG_4453.JPG IMG_4454.JPG IMG_4455.JPG
IMG_4457.JPG IMG_4458.JPG IMG_4463.JPG
IMG_4464.JPG IMG_4471.JPG IMG_4472.JPG
Gene Betsy
IMG_4473.JPG IMG_4476.JPG IMG_4477.JPG
In the distance, on the top of Mount Unumhum, surrounded by rain clouds, is the site of the former Almaden Air Force Station. This radar site was in operation from 1958-1980; there was a huge 85-ton AN/FPS-24 radar installation located at the radar site. The building remains still standing at the 3,486 foot summit of Mt. Umunhum are a relic of the Cold War. In 2001 the land formerly ocupied by the Air Force Station, was acquired from the Federal Government, and added to the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve. Umunhum is an Ohlone Indian word for hummingbird. Looking down into the San Jose urban area Heading back to the start of the hike. We are descending the Kennedy Trail
IMG_4478.JPG IMG_4479.JPG IMG_4480.JPG
This mushroom was 4" in diameter Looking back on our descent of the Priest Rock Trail
Located in the center of the photo is Lexington Reservoir, the start of this hike. Just beyond the reservoir is Hwy 17, which crosses the Santa Cruz Mountains, and connects Santa Cruz with the southern portion of the Bay Area

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