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.... The source ( of this information ) is VFW magazine March 1993 issue. In that issue VFW did a statistical profile of Vietnam veterans

Here are the facts:

• 9,087,000 military personnel served on active duty during the Vietnam (era).

• 3,403,100 (including 514,300 offshore) personnel served in the Southeast Asia Theater (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, flight crews based in Thailand, and sailors in adjacent South China Sea waters).

• 2,594,000 personnel served within the borders of South Vietnam (Jan.1, 1965 - March 28, 1973). Another 50,000 men served in Vietnam between 1960 and 1964.

•7,484 women (6,250 or 83.5% were nurses) served in Vietnam.

•Casualties: Hostile: 47,359 Non-hostile: 10,797 (Total=58,156)(another 27 have died of wounds so total is 58,183) (8 nurses died - 1 was KIA. Wounded: 303,704. Total= 361,887. Missing in Action:2,338.

• Some of these numbers have changed a little since 1993 as a few more missing have been found, a few more have died of wounds etc.,however, these are pretty much correct.

• Another thing most people do not know in reference to the Korean War. The casualties claimed are actually deaths of all causes anywhere in the world during the war. If you died in Korea or any country (US, Germany, England, etc. etc. you were counted in their totals. If they had done that in Vietnam, the 58,000 would be ??? (who knows).Just a side bar! I have no beef with the Korean Vet's. I just do not like to see facts used against Vietnam veterans. (Many Korean War vet's tell me they lost 53,000 men in only 3 years while in Vietnam we lost 58,000 in 10 years). Meaning: Ours was a tougher war than yours. I decided to check out their "facts". They are entitled to their opinion, but not to their own set of facts.

•Another fact most don't know: USMC had more casualties in Vietnam than in WWII! 101,000 vs. 91,000. In Vietnam, Marines numbers were: WIA: 88,633 KIA: 13,082 Total: 101,715. My brother was a Marine at Da Nang with the 1st Marine Air Wing in 1966/67.He passed away last month at age 52. I know lots of Vietnam vet's that have died early.

• The information I cited on Vietnam is on page 20 and page 34 of VFW magazine March 1993. There are lots of facts listed I did not cover."



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