Death Valley California, and Rhyolite Nevada

A Wildflower Extravaganza

3-5 April 2005

All Images and Text Copyright © 2005 by Neil Mishalov


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IMG_6933.JPG IMG_6934.JPG IMG_6936.JPG IMG_6936.tif
Panamint Daisy (Enceliopsis covillei) Jerry taking a close-up photo of Death Valley Sage (Salvia funerea) Neil taking a close up photo of Desert Gold (Geraea canescens)
IMG_6939.JPG IMG_6940.JPG IMG_6942.JPG IMG_6937.JPG
A Bevertail Cactus (Opuntia basilaris) almost ready to flower Looking south at the floor of Death Valley. The photo was taken from Hells Gate
IMG_6946.JPG IMG_6947.JPG IMG_6950.JPG IMG_6962.JPG
Desert Star (Monoptilon bellioides) Parish Larkspur (Gilia latiflora) Creosotebush (Larra tridentata)
IMG_7002.JPG IMG_6931.JPG IMG_7003.JPG IMG_6951.JPG
Desert Gold (Geraea canescens) Desert Chicory (Rafinesquia neomexicana) Notch-Leaf Phacelia (Phaclia crenulata) A view of the Death Valley Sand Dunes from above Mud Canyon
IMG_6953.JPG IMG_6954.JPG IMG_6955.JPG IMG_6956.JPG
Devils Cornfield Devils Cornfield Tucki Mountain The Sand Dunes
IMG_7120.tif IMG_6958.JPG IMG_6960.JPG IMG_6963.JPG
Two young women from Alberta, Canada, moving through the sand dunes They strike a pose for the camera
IMG_6965.JPG IMG_7071.jpg IMG_6532.tif IMG_6967.JPG
Salt Creek Salt Creek Pupfish (Cyprinodon salinus) Neil observing the Salt Creek Pupfish (Cyprinodon salinus) A Chevron gas station at Furnace Creek

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