Korea, February, 1969

Helicopter Mission

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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This was a mission to transport a nuclear warhead to Osan Air Force Base The warhead was then going to be sent to the U.S. for advanced maintenance The mission consisted of two helicopters
Korea369-6.jpg Korea369-3.jpg Korea369-2.jpg
Leaving the Maximum Security Area The MSA The MSA
Korea369-1.jpg Korea369-7.jpg korea369-20.jpg
One helicopter carried the nuclear warhead The second helicopter had a detachment of E.O.D. (Explosive Ordance Disposal) personnel A view from a side window
korea369-11.jpg korea369-12.jpg korea369-15.jpg
I accompanied the E.O.D. personnel We travelled south towards Osan A factory
korea369-16.jpg korea369-17.jpg korea369-18.jpg
Snowy landscape The munitions helicopter in the distance Small village with the helicopter shadow on the ground
korea369-19.jpg korea369-21.jpg korea369-22.jpg
Helicopter shadow The main North/South train line
korea369-23.jpg korea369-26.jpg korea369-24.jpg
A cold morning Frozen rice patties Almost at Osan Air Base

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