Korea: February 1969 part III

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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Reconstituted dehydrated milk truck entering 83rd Ordnance Battalion compound A winter wonderland Inside 83rd Ord Compound...outdoor urinal
korea269-20.jpg korea269-1.jpg korea269-7.jpg
Suck Su-Dong village Suck Su-Dong village Neil Mishalov standing in a pool of water... Duh!
korea269-19.jpg korea269-8.jpg korea269-24.jpg
Suck Su-Dong village Suck Su-Dong village South Korean military cemetery
korea269-15.jpg korea269-12.jpg korea269-30.jpg
Monument to fallen South Korean troops. Korean War: 1950-1954 Grave stones Neil Mishalov paying his respects to the fallen South Korean soldiers
korea269-23.jpg korea269-17.jpg korea269-2.jpg
A soldier and his jeep a cold morning Living quarters along side the Han River
korea269-18.jpg korea269-22.jpg korea269-25.jpg
Icy road Icy Road Dredge in situ
korea269-13.jpg korea269-26.jpg korea269-27.jpg
Ice skating on frozed rice patty A cold morning Outskirts of Seoul
korea269-11.jpg korea269-28.jpg korea269-6.jpg
Seoul Bridge to Seoul Bridge over the frozen Han River with ice skating rink in background and people walking across the frozen river
korea269-29.jpg korea269-9.jpg korea269-5.jpg
Ice skating rink Notice the 3 wheel KIA trucks Pagoda in Seoul

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