Korea: March, 1969

Photos by Neil Mishalov

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The 1.25 ton Dodge vehicle I used to pick up the mail at 8th Army HQ near Seoul The 1.25 ton Dodge vehicle. The back was constructed to keep the mail secure and dry Rice patties at rest
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A cold morning in eary March Small village Snowy walkway in Suck-su Dong
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Low tide near Inchon Low tide A winters day

16 January 2006

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Late March Some children near Suck-su Dong
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Children at play Hey guys! Ice cream time!
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yummy Lets play hide and go seek Field being prepared for planting
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A factory Map of 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San At 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San
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At 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San The PX area at 8th Army Headquarters- Yong San At 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San
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Gymnasium at 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San The library at 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San Neil Mishalov in front of 8th Army HQ
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PX at 8th Army Headquarters - Yong San 8th Army Headquarters Reception Station. Location where incoming soldiers get processed for their duty station for the next 13 months
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Reception Station Reception Station in background Village
Korea369-30.jpg Korea369-56.jpg Korea369-33.jpg
Seoul Bando Hotel in downtown Seoul Seoul
Korea369-49.jpg Korea369-51.jpg Korea369-39.jpg
Seoul Seoul Seoul movie theater
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Photo from a helicopter Photo from helicopter Doing the laundry
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Country road An afternoon stroll 83rd Ordnance Company enlisted man's club

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