Pictures of Korea: 1958-1959

Photographs by Paul E. Black

Paul E. Black of Tampa, Florida, provided this web site with color photographs of Korea that he took while stationed in The Land of Morning Calm.

Paul was 23 when he entered the U.S. Army in 1958. He was inducted into the Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky. After 13 weeks of training at Fort Knox he was sent to Fort Lewis, Washington. From Fort Lewis, Paul boarded a troop transport ship and steamed out to Korea; he arrived in Korea during May,1958. His Military Occupation Speciality was 716.20; he worked at the Seoul Area Command Open Mess Administration Office. He served in Korea for 13 months and rotated back to the States in June, 1959. He completed his military service as a Company Clerk at the Fort Stewart Army Hospital in Georgia.

Paul moved to Tampa, Florida in 1960. He first worked for a city planning consulting firm for 12.5 years, and then joined the local county planning commission, where he worked for the next 28.5 years. He retired at age 65 in October, 2000. He and his wife live in Tampa, Florida.

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paul-black-Pic0010.jpg paul-black-Pic0081.jpg paul-black-Pic0068.jpg
Ascom City sign "Welcome to Seoul" "Welcome to Seoul Area Command"
paul-black-Pic0011.jpg paul-black-Pic0012.jpg paul-black-Pic0022.jpg
K-14 entrance Seoul Area Command NCO Open Mess warehouse building Paul Black near NCO Open Mess warehouse
paul-black-Pic0013.jpg paul-black-Pic0075.jpg paul-black-Pic0003.jpg
Paul Black War damage to airport terminal, Seoul Seoul Airport terminal building
paul-black-Pic0005.jpg paul-black-Pic0021.jpg paul-black-Pic0014.jpg
Seoul Area Command PX: Xmas, 1958 Seoul Area Command PX: Xmas, 1958 Paul Black and friend
paul-black-Pic0023.jpg paul-black-Pic0065.jpg paul-black-Pic0015.jpg
Paul Black and friend School boy Yongsan, Korean carpeter tent
paul-black-Pic0016.jpg paul-black-Pic0017.jpg paul-black-Pic0007.jpg
Yongsan base chapel Mr. Junk Woo Mr. Junk Woo, school boy, MSGT Anness
paul-black-Pic0024.jpg paul-black-Pic0001.jpg paul-black-Pic0027.jpg
School boy with Toyota truck Paul Black with SAC NCO Open Mess vehicle "Welcome to Seoul"
paul-black-Pic0029.jpg paul-black-Pic0025.jpg paul-black-Pic0030.jpg
Toyota Land Cruiser Paul Black next to Lister bag at ASCOM City 8th Army Headquarters, Yongsan
paul-black-Pic0031.jpg paul-black-Pic0034.jpg paul-black-Pic0035.jpg
Yongsan barracks buildings Yongsan base library Yongsan base "POL" service station (gas station)
paul-black-Pic0039.jpg paul-black-Pic0037.jpg paul-black-Pic0038.jpg
SP4 Paul Black Near Han River bridge Yongsan base

All photographs copyright 2004, by Paul E. Black

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